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THE REAL Welcomes Crystal Fox and Bresha Webb (Tyler Perry’s ‘A Fall from Grace’) – WATCH

On Monday, Jan. 20, it’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on The Real! The hosts celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King and his work, and wonder what he would say about the climate of the world today.

Co-host Amanda Seales feels that Dr. King would say, “What’s different?” and that race issues aren’t being addressed because once they are, supremacy would not exist.

Co-host Loni Love encourages people to be part of the process – listen to others in the community, and be part of the system.

Amanda and Loni also answer a viewer comment about the hosts discussing race, with Amanda explaining if we don’t speak about it, we’re pretending it doesn’t exist.

Then Crystal Fox and Bresha Webb stop by to talk about their Netflix movie, Tyler Perry’s A Fall From Grace. Bresha demonstrates her ability do to impressions, and she and Crystal discuss backlash that Tyler Perry has received for negative portrayals of black women in his movies and shows.

Amanda: Dr. King Wouldn’t Think Much Has Changed

Amanda Seales: Within our communities, we also need to listen to each other, you know, and that’s another reality. Because then you have people within our communities who don’t share what you’re saying and who think, “Well we should just accept the little scraps that are thrown to us and be happy…”

Adrienne Houghton: No, no…

Amanda: “…thank you, thank you,” and the reality is that’s… I think Dr. King would look at today and say, “Well, it ain’t much different!” You know, I think, he would say in terms of our standards, in terms of the way we’re interacting with each other. We still have a prison industrial complex, we still have racism, we still have things built into our laws and into our Constitution that –

Jeannie Mai: Worse mental health than before, higher suicide rates…

Amanda: But specifically about race, what he’s talking about – things have not changed. So, you know, the reality is, there’s still systems in place that are not being addressed – that’s why you feel that way –

Adrienne: Yes!

[The Real audience applauds]

Loni Love: Why isn’t it being addressed? That’s the question.

Amanda: No, they’re not being changed. They’re being addressed –

Loni: But why are they not being changed then?

Amanda: Because if they were changed, then certain people who were at the top would no longer would feel like they’re at the top, and the reality is that once you create equality, supremacy does not exist.  So that’s the whole thing.

[The Real audience applauds]

Adrienne: Yes, yes! So that’s where my anger comes from, I’m just like – I feel like I still hear people defending and saying simple things like, “Everyone has equal opportunities.”

Amanda: They don’t.

Adrienne: “Everyone –” That’s my point! So there is a group of people crying out saying, “Listen to us, be empathetic to us, recognize that there is inequality, recognize that there is things – injustice!” And I just feel that everyone needs to listen to that!

Tamera Mowry-Housley: And you said the key word too.

[The Real audience applauds]

Adrienne: That’s how I feel!

Tamera: You said the key word, too. It’s “empathy.”

Adrienne: Yes.

Tamera: Empathy.

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