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Wendy Williams: Talk Show Staffers Feel Betrayed After Her ‘Emotional’ Chat with Nick Cannon [VIDEO]

*Nick Cannon took over the Wendy William show on Feb. 4, Feb. 5 and Feb. 6., and while fans of the daytime talker enjoyed their viewing experience with him, staffers are reportedly pissed that their boss is keeping them in the dark about what’s going on with her health and personal life.

Williams is still on an indefinite hiatus from her show as she reportedly recovers from a fractured shoulder and complications from Graves’ Disease. When Cannon kicked things off on Monday, he gave an update on Wendy and revealed they had an ’emotional’ conversation.

“I talked to her and honestly, she sounded amazing y’all. We jumped on the phone and first thing she said: ‘Nick Cannon, how you doing?’ Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect at first. But her spirit was so big, it was so amazing,” he said — watch the clip above.

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Many believe that he then alluded to’s exclusive  about Wendy’s husband allegedly getting his mistress pregnant, and his mother spilled the tea that she witnessed him beating up her daughter-in-law.

“And you know what was also really awesome? I had a conversation with her and her whole family and she said she wanted to speak as a family unit,” said Cannon. “Her, I talked to Kevin, little Kevin, they said they all good. The love and the passion is still there ’cause that’s what you need in times like this is your family to stick together with you.”

Wendy’s staff is said to be disappointed that they received an update about her health and personal life from the guest host.

According to Daily Mail, her ride or die crew still have no idea what’s going on with her:

One told DailyMailTV: ‘Many of us have been here since the early days and it’s a complete joke to be kept in the dark like this. How could she be so selfish? We all rely on this paycheck.

‘I mean please, she has made a fortune from tearing people down, however, when it comes to her own life, it’s all a secret. Imagine if this was another celebrity living their life like she does, she’d be sipping the tea and talking about it on Hot Topics every d**n day. She’s such a hypocrite.’

Another staffer said: ‘She’s managed to keep the real reason for her absence a secret, however you can’t leak something that no one knows.

‘She’ll allegedly pick up the phone for Nick Cannon but she can’t tell us what is going on.

‘For her to be talking about her ”family unit” to Nick, it’s an absolute joke. That ain’t no normal family unit.’

A show source told ‘After she made that ratchety appearance at CVS in Florida last week we knew her excuses weren’t true. She looked disheveled, she didn’t look sick.

‘We’re all hoping that she is finally getting her personal life in order and kicking Kevin to the curb so none of us have to deal with him ever again.

‘We’ve kept her secrets for years and dealt with him – but enough is enough.

‘She should’ve booted him out when his girlfriend was publicly revealed, but of course she kept living a lie – all is definitely not well in the house of Hunter.’

What do you make of Wendy keeping her longtime staffers in the dark about her hiatus from the show, her health condition and status of her marriage?

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