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TV One Announces New Cleo TV And It’s Fire Show Lineup At TCAs

Cast members of various Cleo-TV shows at Winter TCAs in Pasadena

*On February 15, TV One kicked off the Television Critics Association 2019 Press Tour with the 50th Annual NAACP nominations. The highlight of it all was the networks new Cleo TV that launched January 19.

Cleo TV targets Gen-X and Millennial black women with shows that cover interior design, cooking and the Emmy nominated scripted show Giants. We got up close and personal with all the cast from each show plus TV One’s “Uncensored” second season cast member Tasha Smith.

We started off speaking with the always energetic Tasha Smith about what made her do the transparent show “Uncensored.”

“I appreciate the show, I love the producers that are producing the show and I just thought it was another opportunity to give another part of my testimony that I think people haven’t heard.” Smith goes on to say ” I mean I talked about some stuff I’ve never talked about and I talk about a lot.”

As a crowd shuffled in, brother-sister duo Jake and Jazz Smollett sat down to talk about their new show “Living By Design.” Where the pair help makeover a room in a young millennial women’s place. Jake makes one original piece for each room and they finish the show with a special cooked dinner to celebrate.

Jake & Jazz Smollett
Jake & Jazz Smollett

But the in-depth cooking will be left to the networks, New Soul Kitchen with Chef Jernard Wells and Vegan Chef Porsche Thomas.

“Where can you tune in and get vegan and regular cooking at the same time?,” Wells asked, making the point that this show will be worth the 10 minutes it’s on because that’s all the time it should take for you to make a meal.

The lifestyle doesn’t stop there. Hosts Tai Beauchamp and Elton Anderson are bringing the world to us with their new show Lens Of Culture.

“The foundation of the show is love, for a demographic that needs to be loved the most,” Anderson points out. The dyad destination spots like Ghana and Kenya with the hopes that women of color will rid the stigma of fear when it comes to solo traveling, branch out to learn new things and inform us that traveling can be affordable for all.

Tai Beauchamp & Elton Anderson
Tai Beauchamp & Elton Anderson

Cleo TV chose to also add the up and coming scripted Emmy nominated show everyone has been talking about, “Giants.”  The show truly captures the black millennial experience when it comes to mental health, identity, and sexual orientation. Creator James Bland and actor Vanessa Baden Kelly talk about how they hustled through pregnancy, working 9 to 5 and only having time on the weekends to make this series happen. Bland also opened up about how supportive his friends, which is also the cast, are to help him get through some of his own personal giants on a day to day basis.

J. August Richards, James Bland & Vanessa Baden Kelly
J. August Richards, James Bland & Vanessa Baden Kelly

Getting to speak with the cast members and seeing the shows that we’ll be presented with I am excited to watch. All the shows will roll out between the first and second quarter of 2019 so be on the lookout for each one of them.


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