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Tracey Edmonds Talks Producing the New Juicy BET Thriller ‘Games People Play’ – EUR Exclusive/WATCH

*Tracey Edmonds loves a good juicy drama. The 52-year-old producer was the creative behind some of your favorite films and series, including “Soul Food,” “Jumping the Broom,” “Hav Plenty,” and on TV, reality show classic, “College Hill.” Her latest series with BET, “Games People Play” is just the titillating soap she and audiences have been waiting for.

Based on the popular novel by Angela Burt-Murray, GAMES PEOPLE PLAY is a sexy new thriller that features an ensemble cast that includes Lauren London, Insecure’s break out star Sarunas J. Jackson, Jackie Long, Parker McKenna Posey and new comer Karen Obilom. It centers on three women; a desperate basketball wife trying to protect her family, a tenacious journalist struggling to rebuild a tarnished career, and a scandalous groupie looking to become a star. With a lot of star-studded guest appearances, salacious-ripped from the headlines topics and steamy sex inside the world of the L.A. high-life.

Edmonds has some experience with the lifestyle. She came into the entertainment industry in her early 20’s and has seen a lot. She reveals that she sees some of herself in London’s character Vanessa King, the wife of a star pro basketball player.

“I have been dying to do a show about living the high-life and how perfect it seems from the outside, but when you are really living it, there’s just so many challenges that you face every day that you can’t share with the world. I wanted to do a story about what is the price that you have to pay to have the so-called perfect life. We’re exploring that through the world of professional basketball, through the eyes of Vanessa and Marcus”


Cast – Karen Obilom, Jackie Long, Sarunus J Jackson, Parker MckEnna Posey

The characters include Vanessa (London) the wife of basketball star Marcus King, played by Jackson. There’s also Nia, played by Karen Obilom, a struggling, talented blogger who gets the call to step up to the big leagues running Diva magazine in LA. There is Laila, played by Parker McKenna Posey, an actress trying to get ahead, who uses social media and her affair with Marcus to boost her social profile. Jackie Long plays Kareem, a college friend and assistant of Marcus who didn’t make it to the league and feels entitled to superstar lifestyle too.

“Games People Play” airs TONIGHT and every Tuesday nights at 9:00pm Eastern/Pacific on BET.


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