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Tomi Lahren Gets Owned on Twitter After Declaring Kamala Harris ‘Slept Her Way’ to the Top

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris, Willie Brown

*Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren believes Democratic Senator Kamala Harris is using her past relationship with the former mayor of San Francisco to boost her career.

As we previously reported, Harris, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, had a brief relationship with politician Willie Brown in the 1990s.

“Kamala, given you’re a vocal and proud supporter of the #MeToo movement, what are your thoughts on someone using an extramarital affair to boost their political career?” Lahren asked the lawmaker on her show Tuesday night.

After Harris announced her intent to enter the 2020 presidential race, Brown shared details of their extramarital affair in a column for The San Francisco Chronicle.


“Yes, we dated. It was more than 20 years ago. Yes, I may have influenced her career by appointing her to two state commissions when I was Assembly speaker,” Brown wrote, noting that he has been bombarded with calls since the senator revealed her White House goals.

“And I certainly helped with her first race for district attorney in San Francisco. I have also helped the careers of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Gavin Newsom, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and a host of other politicians,” he added. “The difference is that Harris is the only one who, after I helped her, sent word that I would be indicted if I ‘so much as jaywalked’ while she was D.A.”

Lahren referred to Brown as Harris’s “boo.”

“Over the weekend, the former San Fran mayor admitted to having an extramarital affair with Kamala, pulling her out of obscurity and elevating her political career,” Lahren said.

“Kamala was 30 years younger than Brown when he appointed her to not one but two well-paid state commission assignments on the unemployment insurance appeals board and the California medical assistance commission.

“He then used his money, connections, and clout to help girlfriend Kamala with her D.A. run. Well isn’t that something?”

Harris has not respond to Tomi’s comments but several Twitter users have come to her defense, with many wondering… What does this have to do with the #metoo movement?

User @brooklynmarie wrote, “ You should be ashamed of yourself for perpetuating such an ugly, regressive rumor… but I guess you don’t really have any real talent to carry you I’ve seen your stuff lol”

And Gina Torres noted: “I thought affairs didn’t matter since your president hasn’t ever been faithful? You should be careful of the rocks you throw before your private transactions become public. Clearly you didn’t make it based on journalistic skill or integrity.”

“OH HELL NO YOU DAMN TWIT! You have an incredibly orange, sexual predator that you praise, who has 5 children w/3 different women, who has screwed porn stars to playmates from here to Russia & back & you want to point your fucking finger at Kamala? Sit down, shut up you hypocrite!,” wrote @laureniscooking.

And Mr. Weeks summed it up best with: “Really, you can’t be this fearful? How is this MeToo, consensual sex is not something we protest unless under age. You sound like a fragile white woman who look at Kamala Harris, a Black Woman who accomplished more than you ever will as a white woman. Do I have to Google you?”

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