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The Top Supplements and Remedies for Everything That Ails You

*The global market for dietary supplements is expected to be at $220.3 Billion by 2022. The figure represents the market for both natural and factory made alternative supplements. Dietary supplements include herbals, amino acids as well as minerals and vitamins.

Research concludes that a human body time after time requires extra nutrients than what normal food gives us. For example, modern lifestyle has resulted in the uptake of processed foods that remove key nutrients that our bodies need.

In this article, we look at various supplements and remedies that can help you overcome various body needs. These remedies address anxieties, nutritional gaps, weight management, as well as reproductive health.

Here are the top supplements and remedies for everything that ails you.

  1. CBD Oils and CBD Capsules

Much has been written about the medical benefits of hemp to both human and animals. Hemp, commonly found in the northern hemisphere is grown specifically for industrial use. Cannabidiol known by its short form CBD is a chemical compound that you get from a cannabis plant.

It’s popular for calming the body while not giving the highs associated with other cannabis varieties. CBD oils and capsules are mostly used by different people to help them calm their nerves and treat anxieties. For instance, there is the use of CBD oils for people suffering from social anxieties or even patients with diabetes.

CBD oils and capsules have also been commonly used for animals and specifically dogs. The use of CBD oil for dogs with seizures is quite beneficial as it lacks THC which is found in Cannabis Sativa and can be lethal to dogs.

Therefore, the uptake of CBD based remedies is a safer and better way of treating your pet when these types of ailments strike compared to other ways.

  1. Selenium Supplements

Selenium is one of the top supplements for boosting your body’s ability to counter the effects of cancer. Research has shown that if you continuously take Selenium, you stand a better chance of wading cancer cells off. It also shows that cancer cells self-destruct when that get into contact with selenium.

You can find Selenium abundantly in eggs, lean meat, and some seafood. You also find Selenomethionine in animal and human tissues. Its inorganic form is in the soil where plants uptake it and convert it into organic selenium.

Selenium supplements can also be found in the form of pills and mostly sold in combination with other nutrients like Zinc. They are easily processed by the body to release antioxidants required by the body.

  1. Creatine Supplements

This is one of the best supplements for men and women actively involved in demanding physical activities. The use of creatine has been studied for a long period on its use, though there are no definite findings that have shown its negative effect on the short run. Creatine is easily accessible since you can buy it over the counter in many stores.

Once you ingest creatine into the body, it turns in to creatine phosphates which in return are responsible for expanding muscles. It’s the ultimate supplement that works well on muscle builders.

  1. Protein Supplement Therapy

Proteins are micro-nutrients that are useful in bodybuilding as well as assisting the body recover from strains and tear. It’s responsible for the ultimate muscle well-being. It’s also the main component that builds amino acids and hormones.

If you lead an active life where you involve yourself in weight lifting, heavy jobs or long distance running this supplement is for you. There are many forms of proteins that you can use.

These include animal products, some cereals, and vegetarian protein sources. Still, there are pills and other supplements that the market has in stock to boost your protein needs.

Proteins are cautiously used to avoid cases where they are converted to carbs in case you have had a lot of intakes. Whey proteins are essential nutrients for men and are obtained as a byproduct of milk processing. They are a key nutrient for the reduction of cholesterol, burn fat and build muscles.

Supplements and Remedies

  1. Folic Acid Top Supplements

Folic acid is to DNA while proteins are to the muscles. Folic acid repairs DNA and RNA and it is vital in making or increasing the level of red blood cells. It’s highly recommended for pregnant women as this helps in fetal development and avoid both brain and spine defects.

Folic acid is a form of Vitamin B believed to control cases of autism in an unborn child. It also helps in treating diseases of grown-ups like rheumatoid arthritis. It’s soluble in water and most of the pills that you can ingest are easy to use with little side effects.

Folic acid is one of the best supplements for women as it gives a woman complementary benefits not found in other foods. It’s good in pregnancy or when a woman is planning to conceive.

  1. Coenzyme Q10 Supplements

This is the super nutrient that helps in oxidation of the body thus protecting the cells from damage and helping in metabolic reactions. The supplements renders benefits to the health of the heart including treating of heart failures.

It proves to be effective in various body conditions including Alzheimer, Parkinson disease, low sperm count, gum diseases, and muscular dystrophy. The body produces most of its daily need, but supplements are recommended too because this production decreases with age.

Supplements are easily found and work effectively. It’s however good to note that the use of Coenzyme Q10 Supplements, as at now, is not approved for use by the FDA for treatment. This is a common stand taken against food supplements in general.

  1. Fish Oil and Omega 3

Seafood contains a sizeable amount of Omega 3. These fatty acids are known as the wonder supplement due to the number of ailments and conditions it can help solve. Omega 3 fatty acids suppress anxiety effectively and also enhance the overall health of the brain.

Omega 3 also reduces cases of ADHD in children, cases of metabolic syndrome, cases of autoimmune diseases, and fights Alzheimer in people with advanced age.

Omega 3 is common among kinds of seafood but also the most commonly used supplement in the world. WHO recommends taking the natural form of it in the form of fish portions. It’s easily available in drugstores as well as other places like supermarkets and shops.

  1. Fiber Supplements

There is a big debate on whether intake of fiber supplements is a good way to increase overall intake of fiber in our diets. However, do not be dragged into the debates because your body will need fiber for digestion. You would rather use supplements in your diets than not have anything at all.

Fiber can be easily found in foods in most dinner tables, but studies have shown that Americans are not having enough fiber as would be required. This is why you need to consider the intake of fiber supplements.

Fiber comes in various forms including pills, chewable tablets, and powder. Their use is to help in proper bowel system, lowering your cholesterol, and help in regulating blood sugar. Lignin is an extracted natural fiber commonly found in plants.

Others include cellulose, pectin, and gum each coming in a different form.

  1. Probiotic Supplements

Probiotics are a type of bacteria that helps in gut development. They are the good types of bacteria that fight off the presence of bad bacteria. They regulate the number of bacteria in the gut especially after taking antibiotics drugs which affects some of the good bacteria.

Lactobacillus is a type of bacteria found in yogurt or other fermented dairy products. It’s the most common type of probiotic and helps in control issues like diarrhea and irritable bowel movement. Other types of probiotics include Bifidobacterium and Saccharomyces gotten from dairy products.

We recommend that you seek approval from your physician if you take probiotic supplements in the form of pills. This is mostly recommended for those who have lactose tolerance issues. Otherwise, if you just need to open a glass of yogurt and drink, you do not need to seek a doctor’s advice unless you have had health issues with it in the past.

A Human Body Will Require Something More Than the Natural Food

It’s worth knowing that the human body cannot rely purely on the nutrients available in our foods. At one time or another, we need to supplement this with inorganic components. However, knowing the top supplements that can perform a specific task in your body is important.

The market has a number of supplements that compete for your attention and being wise on your choice is important. The list of dietary supplements that we have provided in this article is not conclusive and you can do more research.

To learn more on other interesting topics including CBD oils and pills, you can visit our site.

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