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The Importance of Black Friendship – VIDEO

*Imagine being a Black person who was suddenly dropped into Black culture after a childhood among prominently white folks. At first, they would naturally not realize that they are missing out on anything. However, things would definitely change when they make friends with some Black folks.

An Imposter Syndrome

People who have experienced such a life have described it as coming down with imposter syndrome. They say that it feels like they were ‘acting’ all White – to such an extent that others would actually question their Blackness. Usually, this is the turning point for such Black folks.

‘I Didn’t Realize How Much I Needed Them Until I Had Black Friends.’

When Black folks who have been estranged from the culture move into a Black community, they realize that they can truly share their experiences unapologetically and have a truly unfiltered experience. This is when they begin to realize how alone they have been so far.

These new friends could tell us how to look after our hair or even take us out for a night of Caribbean food. This cultural connection is something that most Black people living in White communities missing out on. This goes to show how having Black friends can bring about a huge difference in your life.


black friendship (male-female)

Energy That You Can’t Explain

If you were to ask anyone, they will tell you that Black girlfriends are more than friends—they are soul sisters, a support system. They bring about energy levels that can’t be explained. When they are together, they get very loud and happy. The world and its worries just melt away in their company. These groups feel strength in abundance along with gratefulness for such social circles.

Friends of Other Ethnic Groups

While Black friends are very important, friends from different ethnic groups are important too. These friends have mutual respect and love for skin color which is why they are friends with you in the first place. You can perhaps bring them into your circle and let them experience what it’s like to have a Black friend. Once you do this, your White friends will also know what life is like for Black folks, including the problems faced by them. Black folks need each other and become each other’s strength. This sense of unity makes Black friendships unique and powerful.

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