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T.I. Calls for Wall to ‘Protect Us’ from White Supremacist Terrorists

Rapper T.I. during the BET Hip Hop Awards 2018 at Fillmore Miami Beach on October 6, 2018 in Miami Beach, Florida.
(Source: Paras Griffin/Getty Images North America)

*Following the recent terror attack in New Zealand where a white male gunned down 50 people inside a Mosque, rapper T.I. hit up social media to call for a “wall built to protect us from” white supremacy.

‘I wonder How much more it takes for us to ask for a ban or get a wall built to protect US from these terrorists? Note: This ain’t about RACE…because it’s not “Whites” it’s “White Supremacists” …. THERE’S A DIFFERENCE!!!# 4NewZealand #USorELSE’ Tip captioned one of his Instagram the posts (see his IG post below).

As reported by Celebrity Insider, his comment triggered a debate in the comments section, with some fans agreeing with the hip-hop star.

One user wrote: “Why is Homeland Security not arresting those people? Oh right, you can’t arrest yourself and will not arrest family and friends. Such EVIL walking this Earth!!! Dear God, It is your turn we patiently await your arrival.”

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Another revealed that a similar tragedy went down in Nigeria, writing: “2 weeks ago there was a Muslim terrorist attack at a Christian Church in Nigeria but hey! Media won’t show this, and this got me thinking of how independent of a free thinker you and everyone that is first to blame someone? And oh yea in January this year there was another attack in the Philippines at Catholic Church but let’s not say anything cause the victims were Christians.”

T.I.  then posted two articles from the Daily Mirror to stress yet another point: “‘See this is the problem…#4NewZealand,” he said (see his IG post below).


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See this is the problem… #?4NewZealand

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A follower reacted to the articles by saying: “This is how they look at all people of color They ain’t building a wall to keep Mexicans out, they building it to trap us in and then purge us all, but history shows no matter how hard they try we always prevail and will always be here…..”

Another said “Thank you for posting this I’m sick and tired of the media when it comes to its bias reporting..”


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