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Stacey Dash Did Not List Herself As White During Arrest, Cops Admit It Was Their Error

Stacey Dash

*Stacey Dash was released from Florida’s Land-O-Lakes Jail Monday morning after her lawyer husband, Jeffrey Marty, posted her $500 bond, following her arrest on a domestic violence dispute. 

According to USA TODAY, Dash was appointed a public defender Wednesday and entered a written plea of not guilty, according to court documents. 

The “Clueless” actress was arrested Sunday on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery. The officers who arrested Dash — who has an African-American father and Mexican American mother — believed she was Hispanic, but labeled her as “white” on their final arrest report.

After the police report was issued, many hit up Stacey’s social media accounts to fire off a wave of angry responses and criticism about her ethnic identity.  

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Stacey Dash - indicating she's white1However, a spokesperson for the Pasco Sheriff’s Department tells TMZ that Dash is not the one to blame for how her race is listed on the arrest report.

“Stacey Dash was never asked her race by the arresting deputy, nor did she volunteer any information about her race. The arresting deputy assumed that she was Hispanic.”

He continues, “However, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office follows the Department of Justice Uniform Crime Reporting standards and, according to the DOJ reporting requirements the only allowable races are: Asian/Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Black/African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Unknown, or White.”

 Via TMZ:

The spokesperson says reports do list a Hispanic option if a deputy fills it out by hand, but most use their computers, which do not give a Hispanic option.

There was also an error in Dash’s name on the report — calling her Stacey Dash Lauretta — the spokesperson says that will be corrected on the official arrest record.

The spokesperson says Stacey never specified her race during her arrest.


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