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Social Media Speaks: ‘Lori Harvey Dumped Diddy’s Son to Become His Stepmother!’

The news is out about Sean “Diddy” Combs and Steve and Marjorie Harvey‘s 22-year-old daughter Lori Harvey officially being ina relationship. What’s also news is that Lori dated Diddy’s son Justin first.

We don’t blame you if you weren’t paying attention, but near the end of last year, Lori and Justin Combs had social media buzzing about their relationship status when (Justin) Combs threw shade at her on Instagram for being snapped with other dudes. Fast forward to Diddy’s Super Bowl party where they were seen together (see pic below).

Again, if you were looking elsewhere, Miss Harvey was also spending time with Trey Songz, Future, and race car driver Lewis Hamilton. The bottom line is that most don’t know how deep Lori and Justin’s relationship may have gotten, but we can only wonder how her current status with Sean Combs is or will affect the father-son dynamics.


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Justin Combs is seen towering over Lori Harvey at Diddy’s Super Bowl party earlier this year.

Here’s more of the story via the Daily Beast:

Harvey seems to have no qualms about being caught in what may be the most awkward love triangle in recent history. In the latest paparazzi shots of her and Diddy, she is flashing a toothy smile. The 49-year-old rapper, on the other hand, appears straight-faced and caught off guard. The would-be May-December couple have been fueling dating rumors since March, dining at Nobu in Malibu and attending a music festival in Miami, TMZ reports. Sources for Diddy have denied the rumors, claiming the pair are simply family friends, but the new photos of them—in matching striped outfits no less—will undoubtedly fan the flames.

In defense of the family friends theory, Harvey’s social media presence attests to her longstanding closeness with the Combs. When Diddy’s ex Kim Porter died last November, Harvey shared a heartfelt Instagram post calling her “Momma Kim” and thanking her for “always being so sweet and loving to me.” Diddy and Porter were together for 13 years and shared three children.

Nonetheless, Twitter was ablaze on Thursday with reactions to the confusing love triangle. Highlighting Diddy’s taken-aback expression in one of the photos, one person wrote, “Diddy look like damn you got me.” Another jokingly speculated, “Lori Harvey dumped Diddy’s son to become his stepmother.”

If these latest photos really are confirmation of the dating rumors, the Combs family is in for some uncomfortable holiday dinners—or one very dramatic episode of “Family Feud.”

Maybe. Maybe not. That’s cause according to Sandra Rose, a source close to Sean Comb’s camp says he waited until he got son Justin’s blessing before making his move on Miss Lori.

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The anonymous source said that Sean and Lori dated in secret for nearly a year before Sean told son Justin, 25.

“He wasn’t comfortable with it,” said the source, referring to Justin. “It took a while for [Sean] to admit to Justin that he was smitten by Lori.”

The source said Lori was a teenager when she first met Sean – and that he liked what he saw.

Ok, that’s all we got. Your turn. Whatchoogotosayboutdis?

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