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Nichelle Nichols: 86-Yr-Old Actress Heard Screaming for Help Amid Fight with Son – LISTEN

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*Unfortunately we have so not-so-good news about iconic actress Nichelle Nichols of “Star Trek” fame. She was caught on tape  screaming hysterically for her life.

Her fragile emotional state is most likely connected with a battle she having with her son over her estate.

The actress, who is 86, is said to be suffering from dementia, can be heard repeatedly shrieking “No!” in an audio clip obtained by CBS46 in Atlanta.

“You’re trying to get rid of me!” she’s also heard to shout.

Nichols’ son, Kyle Johnson, a former actor, has filed for legal guardianship over her — though close friends of the aging actress claim he has bad intentions.


TMZ reports that Johnson was “granted the conservatorship over his mother a year ago … when she was diagnosed with dementia. Nichelle made it clear to Gilbert that she’s pissed off about her son’s legal maneuver, insisting … ‘He’s not the boss of me!’ She also says she never gave him permission to take control of her estate.”

Then, Kyle walked into the room to take her home. Nichelle refused, saying … “Kyle, I’ll kill you. You get the f**k out of my way.” She then screamed and shouted at Kyle, “Give me my stuff!! Nooooo!! You’re trying to get rid of me!!!”

One of Nichol’s friends filed docs last year opposing Kyle Johnson’s conservatorship. The friend claims he’s merely out for his mother’s money, and questioned the dementia diagnosis.

nichelle nichols letter to son

The friend even filed a letter (see above and click here for the full letter)she says Nichelle wrote to her son, informing him she was amending her will because he had told her, “I can’t wait to get rid of this s**t” and sell off her house.

For his part, Johnson told the court the conservatorship was necessary because others were trying to take advantage of his mother. Nichols seems to feel otherwise, but keep in mind while listening to the audio … a judge has signed off on her dementia diagnosis.

Meanwhile, Gilbert Bell, who claims to be Nichols’ close friend and manager, gave the Atlanta TV outlet a video (that features the audio) which shows her poring over documents.

It was shot on April 23, according to Page Six.

Johnson told CBS46 that his mother doesn’t have a manager, but declined to refute the recording or the allegations against him.

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