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Netflix & Chuckle With Marlon Wayans in ‘Sextuplets’ (Watch)

*Netflix and chuckle!

This week, Marlon Wayans latest comedy “Sextuplets” co-starring Bresha Webb drops. The comedic duo talked with EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas about spin-offs, thugs and kitchens.

FT: Which sibling would most likely have their own spin-off?

MW: Dawn! No one wants to see a movie with Ethan he looks weird. Or [maybe] Russell would get one.

FT: Dawn has a “Love & Hip Hop” and “Bad Girls Club” energy, who were you thinking of while playing her?

MW: I threw two of my sisters together and created Dawn.

Sextuplets, Marlon Wayans
Netflix’s ‘Sextuplets’ with Marlon Wayans

FT: Your character spends most of her time with Ethan – whose reminiscent of a Morris Day type of guy – if a guy had an Ethan vibe would that be a dating deal-breaker?

BW: I wouldn’t give him Morris Day. I would give him the uncle on Easter Sunday cat daddy that hugs you a little too tight and says, ‘you getting so big baby girl!’ That’s not a deal-breaker with me because if you dress like Ethan you got that swag, you know what you’re doing! Ethan is dope! He’s always trying to manipulate a situation or has a scheme going but at the end of the day he has the biggest heart that’s why I love a thug!

FT: You love a thug? What level of thug?

BW: I want a thug I can take around. He can’t be like, ‘who we shooting today?’

Marlon Wayans, Bresha Webb, Sextuplets
Netflix’s ‘Sextuplets’ with Bresha Webb & Marlon Wayans

FT: There’s a lot of giving in the film – kidneys and bail money – you’re successful and in a different tax bracket now…has your family started to ask you to buy things? Have you ever had to say, ‘I don’t think I can do that right now?’

BW: Absolutely! My parents are senior citizens – they hate when I say that but they’re over 65 – and they ask me for stuff all of the time. I love it because I’m happy to do it. ‘But a new kitchen mom and a new couch and a new car?!’ See, I went too far and bought my dad a car for his birthday so now my mom is like, ‘where’s my car? Not yet Shay! Let me get some more coins!’

“Sextuplets” drops August 16 on Netflix, click here for more details.

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