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Monica Speaks on Divorcing Shannon Brown; Wants You to Know She Doesn’t ‘Hate’ Him

*If there’s one thing you can say about Monica it’s that she keeps real as far as her life is concerned. That was evident when she appeared on “The Breakfast Club.”

The Atlanta based singer was there to talk about her latest single, “Commitment,” which was a natural jumping-off pointy to discuss her failed marriage to former NBA baller Shannon Brown.

She spoke candidly with DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God about their divorce and how she feels about Brown in the wake of their split. She’s also not putting him on front street as far as being the only one responsible for the marriage’s break up.

“We were married almost nine years, and I think life changes really got the best of both of us at times. I take accountability for what my part is…it is what it is. Divorce has not been easy. Everywhere I go, it’s the first thing that comes up. One thing about me is, I’m gonna respect him to the death, ’cause he didn’t do anything- I don’t hate him.”


shannon brown & monica
Shannon Brown and Monica in happier times

Monica also detailed how her three kids are handling the divorce.

“The kids are definitely impacted, even more than us – ’cause we know what’s taking place sometimes when they don’t. In their minds, they’re always trying to figure it out. They’re always trying to figure out what happened, why, and what the changes may be. So, for us, my main focus was to make sure they were okay…we’re just having an open dialogue about how nothing that’s happening is because of them. If anything, they made a lot of bad situations better.”

Interestingly, her middle child and son, Rocko, was curious about the details of the divorce.

“My 11-year-old asked me, ‘Can you stop divorce?’…he said, ‘It’s something I wanna know. Can you stop it? What does it mean? What does it take?’ And I told him, ‘Yes, that’s within the rights of any person. It’s a decision that they decide.’”

She also said why she would never bash Shannon Brown in the media.

“I’m protective of people that I love. I have no desire to air anyone out. I don’t rock like that…my loyalty doesn’t allow me to discuss certain things. I have no desire to sensationalize anything that I’ve been through.”

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