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Kevin Hunter’s OK with Wendy’s New Boy Toy – He Just Wants Her to Stop Lying on Him

*Wendy Williams and drama go together like corn flakes and milk. The latest example is regarding her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, who’s speaking out after her recent comments about why their mariage dissolved into crap.

Earlier this week, the 54-year-old talk show host defended her decision to spend time with 27-year-old convicted felon-turned-fashion designer Marc Tomblin two months after shefiled to divorce from hunter, 46. Wendy told TMZ that in the wake of Kevin’s devastating cheating scandal, she feels she deserves to have a little “no-strings-attached fun.”

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Williams has been showing off her new boy toy all over town.  If you hadn’t heard, they met last week during her vacay in LA.

Specifically, the drama is a result of Wendy telling TMZ that in the wake of Kevin Hunter’s devastating cheating scandal, she feels she deserves to have a little “no-strings-attached fun.”

“Look, my husband had a full baby with a woman he was involved with for 15 years… where I was cooped up only to be a show pony. Now, I’m living my life,” Wendy said.


Kevin Hunter and wendy
Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams and Kevin’s alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson

Uh oh, dem is fightin’ words … as far as Hunter’s camp is concerned. He of course is no longer in Wendy’s life personally and professionally as he also served as her manager and an executive producer on her TV show. In any event, — Hunter’s folks have hit back, telling TMZ that Kevin never kept Williams “pent up at home” during their 22-year marriage.

Nope. They say “she was too lazy to give a damn” and rarely wanted to go to red carpet events or spend time on things outside of her popular talk show.

“The way Kevin sees it… Wendy orchestrated her schedule and chose, primarily, to do her talk show and go home,” TMZ wrote

Of course Wendy’s got her supporters, too and they say claims from Hunter’s side about her should not be believed and that Kevin was “extremely controlling and sneaky” when the two were married.

“Nothing he says is the truth,” the source added.

Well, while we’re “picking nits,” so to speak, Kevin Hunter’s associates want you to know that that he’s pissed that Wendy said the woman (massage therapist Sharina Hudson, 34, who gave birth to a baby believed to be Kevin’s in early 2019) was his mistress of 15 years is not true because he didn’t meet her until 2008.

It seems that 4 year difference in the length of his cheating is a “gross exaggeration” on the part of Wendy. But,  Hunter did NOT deny that during his marriage, he had a lengthy affair that resulted in the birth of a child with another woman.

So here’s the bottom line as far as we can conclude: As long as Wendy doesn’t fabricate stuff about him, Kevin is OK with her showing off her having fun with her new, younger guy.

We guess that’s his way of saying he’s not taking the jealousy bait Wendy’s throwing at him with her new arm candy named Marc.

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