Monday, May 20, 2024

Gloria Govan Won’t do Jail Time for Violating Restraining Order

Matt Barnes - Gloria Govan
Matt Barnes – Gloria Govan

*Gloria Govan got some good news from a judge today and. She won’t have to spend time in jail for violating the court’s previous judgement and contacting her children.

On Monday Govan and her ex husband, former NBAer Matt Barnes were in court to continue their battle regarding a restraining order that Barnes accused her of.

Specifically, Barnes says Govan reached out to their kids via phone even though she was barred from doing so  after he filed a temporary restraining order following her arrest.

Here’s more via The Blast:

Even though Barnes initially said he wanted Govan thrown in jail, we’re told he really just wanted it made clear that she needs to respect the court’s order. His lawyers told the court Barnes really didn’t want her in handcuffs, just to learn a lesson because he felt she was “flipping the bird” at the court’s order. We’re told he suggested community service instead of jail.

In the end, the judge also felt Govan hadn’t done enough to violate the restraining order, and dismissed all the charges against the reality star.

Hmm, that brings us right back to square one. Their ongoing legal war over custody and money continues.


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