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Dr. Bennet Omalu: Famed Autopsy Doctor Resigns Over Police Cover Ups

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*CTE discoverer Dr. Bennet Omalu has resigned his position as chief forensic pathologist in San Joaquin County, California and accused the county’s sheriff of interfering with his work to protect violent police officers.

The Nigerian-born neuropathologist, who “published his discovery in football players of a degenerative brain disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE,” is now exposing alleged police corruptionKQED reports

Omalu said Sheriff Steve Moore, “who also serves by law as the county’s coroner and oversees Omalu’s work,” abused his power by manipulating cases related to deaths of individuals in police custody and officer-involved shootings.

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Dr. Omalu reportedly began “documenting in March incidents in which the sheriff labeled some death as accidents instead of homicides” in order to protect law enforcement officers. In a memo, Omalu said he first started noticing the pattern in 2016, which had gotten worse over time.

Sheriff Moore denied meddling with forensic autopsy investigations, KQED said. 

“As coroner, I have not interfered. I’ve never changed any cause of death,” he stated, adding that he’s disappointed to learn about Omalu’s resignation because he enjoyed working with him.


Omalu pointed to several specific cases that contradict the sheriff’s denials. One of them involves Moore withholding information that an officer fired his Taser at a suspect 31 times. The doctor had to reverse the cause of death after receiving the concealed information.  

The San Joaquin district attorney’s office claims it is investigating the allegation in the homicide cases.

Dr. Omalu‘s colleague, Dr. Susan Parson, joins him in resigning. KQED said it obtained “copies of emails, notes and other correspondence that Parson sent to the San Joaquin County district attorney and board of supervisors after she resigned.”

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