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Denzel Washington Schools Fan on Proper Photo Etiquette

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*Denzel Washington had to school an anxious photo-seeking fan who got a little too close for comfort with the actor at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

According to People, the fan asked Washington: “Denzel, can I take a picture?” and immediately posed with his arm around the star.

“Did I say yes?” Washington snapped. “When you ask someone for a picture you wait for them to say yes.”

Washington and his wife, Pauletta Washington, were on hand for the awards ceremony to support to their son, “BlacKkKlansman” star John David Washington, who was up for Best Actor in a Drama. He didn’t win.

Before the ceremony, his parents were “visibly excited for their talented 34-year-old son and walked behind him,” Entertainment Tonight wrote.

Denzel earned his first Golden Globe nomination 30 years ago for “Cry Freedom.”

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Last month, John David spoke to EW about being recognized for his role and sharing the film’s message on the Golden Globes stage. Below are excerpts from the interview.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Your involvement with BlacKkKlansman all began simply with a text from Spike Lee. Now having completed the project and hearing news of your nomination, what stands out to you in terms of your journey to this point?

JOHN DAVID WASHINGTON: The experience in itself. How we all came together as a family. This group from all different walks of life that Spike assembled. I’ve just become real friends with these guys. That’s been the biggest takeaway. I love Adam like a brother. Coming from sports (Washington briefly played in the NFL), a lot of times it’s like brothers in arms, like army buddies when you get back together after what you’ve experienced on the field together. I’m so happy that I feel like I’ve made some friends for life.

Though the film has a lighthearted tone, the ending is chillingly poignant and sends one of the most powerful messages of any film this year. The Golden Globe nominations mean that millions all over the world are going to see the film mentioned on a grand scale; what does that mean to you?

That’s a heck of a set up right there. Can we talk about this tomorrow after you’ve put it that way? I haven’t fully been able to comprehend the scope. Obviously, it’s going to be a joyous occasion. I’m so happy to be representing Spike Lee. So many minorities and people of color in this industry have been standing on his shoulders. It makes me so happy that, after four decades, people still enjoy and connect with what he does. He’s a master of cinematic tone. There’s nobody like him. To be able to celebrate and represent the film on that grand stage with all the homies is going to be very nice [laughs].

Though at first, it appears to be this stylish period piece, the film ultimately provides commentary on many current issues that aren’t easy to digest.

It’s a period film and because of that, people can dismiss it and say, “That was those times.” But then you get hit with this current truth and then you start realizing how generational the resurgence of the Klan and how generational hate is and how we’ve got to stop the bleeding. With the right words, we’ve got to find common ground and a common language to stop the bleeding. We may not even be able to benefit from actual change, it could be the next generation that does but if we can stop the bleeding, that is progress.

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