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David Ortiz Had Parts of Several Organs Removed After Damage from Shooting

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*When we initially reported on the shooting of David Ortiz, it didn’t sound  like his injuries were all that significant even though he was reportedly shot in the back at close range.

Now we’re learning that doctors who treated Ortiz Sunday night after the shooting in Santo Domingo had to remove part of his intestines, colon, gall bladder, and liver, according to reports.

Citing a representative for Ortiz, Dominican news outlet Diaro Libre, provided the details on the life-saving measures taken by doctors at the Abel Gonzalez clinic.

Meanwhile, another outlet, El Nuevo Diario, identified a suspect in the shooting as Eddy Feliz García. A Facebook account attributed to the suspect shows him wearing what appears to be a camouflage bulletproof vest and holding an aluminum baseball bat.

No posts have been made on the timeline of that account since early 2011. One post in Spanish translates roughly into “so that I fall in love if in the end I marry death only I enjoy it to the fullest.”


Here’s more from the Boston Globe via MSN News:

A spokesman for the Dominican National Police told CNN that multiple people have been detained in connection with the shooting, which quickly reverberated around the sports world and prompted messages of support from a number of current and former athletes.

The Dominican Health Service said one of the suspects is being treated at a local hospital, CNN reported.

Ortiz was at the Dial Bar and Lounge when a gunman who had gotten off a motorcycle approached from behind around 8:50 p.m. and shot him in the lower back from a close range, according to the Associated Press.

Surveillance video posted on social media by El Nuevo Diario appeared to show Ortiz collapse from the chair he was sitting in as people around him fled.

As far as Ortiz’s condition, his father, Leo Ortiz has what sounds like good news. He told reporters early Monday that his son was expected to make a complete recovery and that no damage was done to of his major arteries or organs.

A photo of David Ortiz resting in a hospital bed, apparently after surgery, has surfaced on social media. One woman who posted the photo wrote in Spanish, “Out of danger thank God!”

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