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Colin Kaepernick Denies Co-signing with Travis Scott’s Super Bowl Performance

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*Colin Kaepernick and his camp are denying a report rapper Travis Scott “consulted” with the ex-NFL quarterback before agreeing to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Scott did chop it up with the athlete before agreeing to play the show, he just never asked him for his blessing. The rapper reportedly agreed to play the event after the NFL pledged $500,000 to Van Jones’ charity, Dream Corps. He also tried to get Kaepernick on board with the plan, but the former 49er was not having it.

Per TMZ:

Before the contract was signed, sources tell us Travis reached out to Colin … presumably to get him on board but not to ask for permission. We’re told Colin was not supportive of Travis performing at the Super Bowl, and the 2 men disagreed. Multiple sources characterize the conversation as “cordial and not hostile.”

The NFL contract, we’re told, was only signed a few days ago … AFTER the conversation between Colin and Travis. That contract includes a $500,000 donation to Van Jones’ charity, Dream Corps.

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Colin Kaepernick

The source told the website, “Colin doesn’t tell Travis what he can and can’t do. That’s Travis’ decision.”

Kaepernick previously retweeted Ebro Darden, who wrote in response to the report that Scott’s Super Bowl performance was Colin approved: “Kap did not approve this bulls–t! Get the f–k outta here….” he wrote.

Meanwhile, rapper Common tells TMZ that he’s supporting Kap all the way.

“I ain’t with supporting the NFL,” Common told the outlet … “They don’t really support black people.”

“Kaepernick said he’s standing up for people who are being shot down, black and brown. The NFL basically blackballed him. They’ve shown how they feel about us for real.”

As for Travis Scott, Common says …  “Travis is doing what he’s gotta do … I feel like man, I wish he wouldn’t [do the halftime show] to be honest.”


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