Monday, May 20, 2024

Chicago Police Release Videos of Jussie Smollett with Noose Around His Neck [WATCH]

*Chicago police have released video of Jussie Smollett from the night he was allegedly the victim of a hate crime, and the footage shows the actor with a noose around his neck more than 40 minutes after the alleged attack, TMZ reports (see clip above).  

Hundreds of files related to the case were made available Monday, and includes footage of the supplies being purchased for the assault on the “Empire” actor, as well as surveillance footage collected by police and video of the Nigerian American Osundairo brothers who say they were paid to orchestrate the January 29 attack. 

Nearly 70 hours of video were released, including body cam video of officers responding to the 911 call back in January. One of the videos [below] is short, but shows the Osundairo brothers running on the street at 2:04 AM after the alleged attack.

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via TMZ:

Another video shows the Osundairo brothers in a taxi before arriving at the scene of the alleged attack. They’re wearing hoodies and one of them is clearly wearing a ski mask as they get out of the car at 1:22 AM. The “attack” happened around 2 AM.

The brothers can be seen through the front windshield after they exit and  don’t appear to be holding anything — no noose, no bleach — items that Smollet said were used on him during the assault. that might be used for the alleged attack on Jussie. 

Watch the clip below. 

Jussie was indicted on 16 felony counts of lying to cops who concluded that Smollett orchestrated the attack on himself. As you know, the charges were ultimately dropped. A special prosecutor has been appointed to review the handling of the case and new charges could possibly be filed, the report states. 

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