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Celebrities Help Raise Money at 4th Annual CARES Gala (VIDEO)

*On February 11th, the ‘For the Love of Our Children Gala’ was presented for the 4th time by the National Cares Mentoring Movement. This organization has the sole purpose of providing mentorship and guidance to oft-neglected youngsters and impoverished people in the American community. All the money that is raised from the event helps the organization fund its mentorship initiatives.

A Star-Studded Fundraiser

The ‘For the Love of Our Children Gala’ was hosted by the vivacious and famous television personality and journalist – Tamron Hall. Her co-host was the New York Times writer and Georgetown University Professor – Michael Eric Dyson. To top it all off, attendees at the Gala also experienced the special appearance of the 15-time Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter/singer – Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys was also the honorary chairperson at the Gala and she arrived straight after attending the 2019 Grammy Awards that were held in Los Angeles. Other than her, the honoraries included the film actress LaTanya Richardson Jackson – who is the wife of Samuel L. Jackson and the McKissack sisters – who are the owners of the oldest African American owned engineering and architectural firm.

The Event Promoted Up-And-Coming Talents

The evening at the Annual Cares Gala culminated with a finale that was a fashion show. This part of the evening showcased some of the most exceptional creations from young designers like Maxwell Osborne and Dao Yi-Chow. These young designers were still students at the High School of Fashion Industries and the likes.

The fashion show was an introduction to the Fashion Community Cares Scholarship fund. This scholarship will help remove all the financial barriers of urban designers and help them move up in their education. The scholarship will, naturally, also make sure these children make the right connection along the way and have their designs presented on the best platforms.

The Non-Profit Organization’s Initiative

With decisions like the Fashion Community Cares Scholarship Fund, the organization aims to design their operations in a manner to help defenseless children. They are aiming all their efforts towards young adults who are still reeling from the years of relentless violence and societal neglect. These problems have become common in the everyday lives of so many children who have a lot of talent and potential.

With the help of the National Cares Mentoring Movement, these children will be able to truly tap into their resilience. As a result, they will override all the crises they face daily and truly blossom.


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