Monday, May 27, 2024

BLIND ITEM: The Charming Pervert

anthony anderson1
Anthony Anderson

*The following Blind Item comes from Hollywood insider Enty Lawyer. Please address all inquiries and complaints to the original source.

Door To Door: There is an A/A- list mostly television actor who has been on a hit network show for several years. It has spawned at least one spin-off. Our actor is known in his neighborhood as the person to go to when you are selling Girl Scout cookies or candy or whatnot. You are probably thinking to yourself this should be a kindness, but is so far from being that. Our actor has been previously accused of improper behavior and it doesn’t seem as if he has changed his ways.

If you are female and a certain age and a certain look, he invites you inside while he gets his wallet. If a parent is there he invites them inside too. He puts on that charm offensive so the next time, maybe the girl comes in by herself or the parent doesn’t feel as if they need to chaperone. They need to because our actor will always touch or hug or grope. So far that is all that anyone has reported. There have been three that jointly had a meeting with the actor and their parents and he insisted it was all a big misunderstanding. It has not gone beyond that. Yet.

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