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BLIND ITEM: High Rolling Pedophiles Get a Pass

Sacha Baron Cohen arrives at the FYC Red Carpet Event For Showtime’s “Who Is America?” at the Paramount Theatre on May 15, 2019 in Hollywood, California.
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*The following Blind Item comes from Hollywood insider Enty Lawyer. Please address all inquiries and complaints to the original source.

Hard Pass: When the companies are numerous and the number of true high rollers are limited, there is nothing that a casino won’t do to get that business. I should clarify. A casino doesn’t want to lose its gaming license, so would cut itself out of the equation, but what about their employees. The ones who go after these high rollers from all over the world? Their livelihood depends on landing these whales and will do anything to get them. One of the biggest requests from high rollers is they want someone underage. The higher ups at the casinos know. They must know. There are cameras everywhere and when you have the same three or four men going through these casinos to the villas and suites of high rollers with underage boys and girls, they know. 

When those same men emerge many hours later with the boys and girls also in tow, they know. When they arrange for these men to have special passes so they have no issues moving from the car drop off point to the high roller, they know. They have deniability though and will let their employee take the fall. The thing is though, the feds aren’t going to raid these places. Every single politician in the city, county and state is dependent on the casinos to get them elected. Whether they are a friend of the worker or the executive, they need them. Plus, they are the largest employers an source of tax revenue. So, everyone turns a blind eye. Want proof? This foreign born A- list actor handed up videotaped proof to law enforcement including NAMES but local, state and federal law enforcement were told to stand down. Apparently it must be worth sacrificing some children to keep the money flow going and those in power to stay in power.

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