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Ann Coulter Slams MSNBC for Putting Black Hosts on ‘Weekend Ghetto Shows’ – Does She Have A Point?

anne coulter

*Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter has slammed MSNBC for keeping their Black hosts on “weekend ghetto” time slots.

Coulter, who was an MSNBC contributor in the ‘90s, has also accused network president Phil Griffin of discriminating against transgender individuals who may be seeking a hosting gig on MSNBC, Newsweek reports.

via Newsweek:

Coulter, who just penned an opinion piece for The Hill entitled, “Four myths the media and politicians tell you about our border crisis,” worked at MSNBC until a controversial 1997 NewsChat segment in which she reportedly quipped to a disabled Vietnam War veteran, “No wonder you guys lost.”‘

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“Watching MSNBC and wondering: Why does Phil Griffin think transgenders aren’t good enough to host a show on his network?” Coulter asked on Twitter Monday. “MSNBC has done such a wonderful job spreading intersectionality to the rest of the world! Why no transgenders on their own network? #NBCHaters.”

Coulter also believes network executives have regulated Black hosts to weekend time slots that aren’t popular with viewers.

“Which reminds me: Why does MSNBC put all its black hosts on the low-rated weekend ghetto? This must change! #ParityatNBC #NBCWhiteNationalists,” Coulter tweeted Monday.

She’s specifically referring to Craig Melvin’s show, on weekdays at 11 a.m., Joy Reid’s AM Joy airs from 10 a.m. until noon on weekends and Al Sharpton’s PoliticsNation is on at 5 p.m. ET on weekends.

Meanwhile, Coulter recently had a meltdown on Twitter after Trump unveiled his immigration proposal, and briefly mentioned the border wall during his speech, TMP reports.

“If you become VERY proficient at English, @realDonaldTrump, someday you will understand the meaning of the word “WALL,” she wrote.

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