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‘Ain’t Too Proud’: The Temptations’ Story On Broadway is still Tempting & Spectacular!

*What’s up people who love to be Tempted! This is Bowlegged Lou of Full Force and Co of the classic movie House Party. Now before you read about anything, please press play on this short video above & watch me talk to strangers in New York City about the legendary Temptations & The Broadway show (‘Ain’t Too Proud to Beg‘) and cast which was days before the musical had opened. Yep, it’s the Temptations & Bway cast video Tribute by Bowlegged Lou in the NY streets. Hilarious video!

If you just watched that video then you know my love for The Temptations are super special. They were recently inducted to the Apollo Theater Walk of Fame. It was also backstage at the Apollo Theater that Smokey Robinson brought the song> My Girl to The Temptations. My Girl was written & produced by Smokey Robinson and one of the Miracles by the name of Ronnie White. My Girl was a number one smash on every chart in the world.

I’ve been loving The Temptations since second grade. They are my number one musical Legacy group of all time. My beloved father Lucien George Sr was the one to first introduce me to the music and knowledge of The Temptations. I remember when we were younger I told my 2 beloved Brothers how much I loved The Temptations & my brother Paul Anthony would say “Oh you love The Temptations?All 25 of them?” That’s not funny Paul!

Well, I was so honored and fortunate to attend the official star-studded Broadway opening of the spectacular show entitled “Ain’t Too Proud (The Life and Times of The Temptations)” thanks to one of my musical heroes and good friend, the legendary Otis Williams of The Temptations. Otis had me sitting in the same third row with some of his family and friends. What an honor that I still cherish to this day.

I was kicking it with Otis’s nephew Ali Little who recognized me right away from being in the House Party movie with my crazy high squeaky voice as me and my brothers played the scene-stealing bullies chasing after Kid & Play. I can’t believe that 29 years later and people are still loving House Party. I told Ali that his uncle were one of my musical heroes and he told me “well, hell,he’s my uncle and he’s my hero period” Props also to Otis’s Road manager Mr. Derrick Porter aka Mr All Business who was coordinating things and helping to make sure everything was tip top organized. Derrick is the truth!

RAY CHARLES! IT’S BEEN 15 YEARS SINCE YOU LEFT US!!ain't too proud too beg

ain't too proud too beg - bowlegged lou gated off area
Bowlegged Lou on the red carpet at the opening of ‘Ain’t Too Proud to Beg’

ain't too proud too beg - berry gordy & bowlegged lou
Berry Gordy and Bowlegged Lou

Needless to say the show is spectacular and it never misses a beat. No wonder it was nominated for 12 Tony Awards including best musical. Of course the Tony Awards is the equivalent to a Grammy for music, an Oscar for movies and an Emmy for TV. The five gifted actors that is playing the five original Temptations are Derrick Baskins who plays Otis Williams,Jeremy Pope who plays Eddie Kendricks, Ephraim Sykes who plays David Ruffin, James Harkness who plays Paul Williams and my boy Jawan M. Jackson who plays the legendary bass singer Melvin Franklin. Derrick Baskins was nominated for best lead actor in a musical. Ephraim Sykes and Jeremy Pope were both nominated for best performance by a featured actor in a musical.

I have to give a shout out to the actor Saint Aubyn who played Dennis Edwards who was the replacement for David Ruffin. He turned in a great performance as well as Jahi Kearse as Berry Gordy & Joshua Morgan as Shelly Berger. The entire male and female cast were incredible. The multicolored blazing costumes, the incredible super spectacular music orchestrations which was spearheaded by Broadway vet Mr.Harold Wheeler, the crazy ridiculous exhilarating choreography and the superb direction by award-winning director Des McAnuff. Everybody in front and behind-the-scenes did exceptional jobs. Great Ensemble.

I also got to meet the incredible theater award-winning and talented Ms.Dominique Morisseau who wrote the book as she was also Tony Award nominated for best book of a musical. I told her that not only was Otis Williams and The Temptations Legacy my musical heroes but I told her that now she’s one of my heroes too. She said that Full Force did some of the music soundtrack to her upbringing and that we were some of her heroes also. During the after-party I got to hang out with her two beloved cousins Rodney Oliver and stand-up comedian Heather Kyles.

As I close this article I just want to say thank you once again to one of my musical heroes Otis Williams of The Temptations for inviting me to the opening night on Broadway and for just being a friend that I communicate with now on a regular basis. I want to shout-out also their long time manager Mr.Shelly Berger who does the damn thing when it comes to business with the guys and he also knows how much I love The Temptations as well.

I pay Homage to the living legend himself Mr.Otis Williams and Remembrance to past Temptations such as Melvin Franklin, Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, Dennis Edwards, Richard Street, Ali-Ollie Woodson & Damon Harris. Props to The currentTemptations who are carrying on the Legacy with Otis, such as long-time Temptation member Ron Tyson with the talented Larry Braggs,Terry Weeks & Willie Greene Jr. Kudos to everybody who’s ever been a Temptation.

Last Shout outs also to my friends, David Ruffin Jr the son of David Ruffin, Aika Kendrick the daughter of Eddie Kendrick,Kimberly English the wife/widow of the late Melvin Franklin and my girl, The Talented Lady J aka Jai Jones the daughter of Ali Ollie Woodson.

The 73rd annual Tony Awards will broadcast live from Radio City Music Hall in New York at 8 p.m. Sunday June 9th on CBS

ain't too proud too beg - bowlegged lou & mary wilson
Bowlegged Lou and Mary Wilson

ain't too proud too beg - otis williams & bowlegged lou
Otis Williams (of the Temptations) and Bowlegged Lou

ain't too proud too beg - paul anthony dominique b owlegged lou
Paul Anthony, Bowlegged Lou and Dominique Morisseau (who wrote the book for the musical Ain’t Too proud to Beg: The Life and Times of The Temptations)

ain't too proud to beg - paul anthony otis williams bowlegged lou
Paul Anthony (Full Force), Otis Williams (The Temptations), Bowlegged Lou (Full Force)



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