Sunday, July 3, 2022

Otiko: As Barr Gaslights the Country, Trump Launches War Against Media, Free Speech

*The scandal-a-day Trump administration, it’s easy to overlook major stories. Much of the recent news coverage has been taken up by the Barr summary, which declares there’s nothing to see, the president is innocent and by the way, the American people can’t see any of the actual Mueller report.

But what’s being ignored is the fact President Donald Trump has launched a multi-pronged attack on free speech and the media.

Trump has a long-running feud with the media. He’s branded them fake news, a term neither he or his followers understand. To Trump, fake news is any news he doesn’t like, even if it’s 100 percent true.

But apart from smearing the media, Trump and his followers have actually taken steps to muzzle news outlets and restrict free speech. Many of these steps came after the story about the Covington Catholic High School students who clashed with Native American elder Nathan Phillips during a pro-life demonstration. The students were incited by the Black Israelites and Phillips got between them because he saw the situation could get violent. The media got some parts of the story wrong and this has been weaponized against them.

CNN and The Washington Post are now facing $250 million libel suits filed by the parents of Nicholas Sandmann, one of the Covington students featured in the video. Trump groupie Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) also sued Twitter for $250M. He claimed they deliberately banned right-wing users and was mad they allowed a parody account that mocked him. Unfortunately, Nunes’ widely-ridiculed lawsuit backfired. The Devin Nunes’ Cow parody account now has more users than Nunes!

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