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White Woman Calls Police On Black Neighbors Because They Wouldn’t Talk to Her (Watch)

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*Pool Patty is the new BBQ Becky.

Weeks after a white woman called the police on a black family for using the wrong barbecue pit in Oakland, a white woman in Oklahoma City called the cops on her black neighbors after they refused her attempt to engage in conversation about her depression.

Serenity Jackson, one of the black neighbors present, dubbed this unidentified woman “Pool Patty” in the Facebook post of her video chronicling the aftermath.  She began filming once police arrived and captured the white woman’s side of the story.

The white woman said she approached her black neighbors to tell them that she was “depressed” and wanted to talk about it. The black neighbor, however, wasn’t interested and suggested that maybe she should go home. Offended, the white woman called the police.

When cops arrived, the woman claimed that as soon as she told her neighbors she was depressed, they made fun of her and threatened to beat her up.

“I went over and asked the girl if I could talk to her and she said ‘no.’ She asked ‘what do you wanna talk about?’ and I said I’m depressed and she said, ‘well, I think you should go.’ And then ALL of them started making fun of me and started making jokes,” claimed the woman.

In video of the incident posted to Facebook, the cop is shown repeatedly asking the white woman to provide details of how she was threatened by the black family. However, she failed to keep her story straight, later admitting that she, herself, threatened to beat up her black neighbor for refusing to talk to her, but said “she didn’t mean it.”

The police officer informed the white woman that before he arrived at the location, he was stopped by three men who told him that a blonde woman appearing to be drunk was causing a disturbance. The officer also told the woman that she had bothered people in this pool so much that they went to another pool in the same area.

“I need you to really be honest with me. Were you out here causing a scene?” the cop asked the woman.

The woman disagreed. However, the officer remained unconvinced and sided with the African American neighbors when they told their side of the story.

Watch it all unfold below:

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