Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Wendy Williams Responds to Critics Who Claim She’s Too Harsh on Black Women

*Wendy Williams has come under fire for her strong opinions and oftentimes, controversial comments about Black women.

As noted by MadameMoire, she has shaded gospel group The Clark Sisters, NeNe Leakes, said Viola Davis’s natural hair wasn’t formal enough for the Oscars red carpet, said Rihanna wasn’t the type of girl Leonardo DiCaprio could take home to his mother and that Beyoncé talks like she has a fifth-grade education.

But when asked why she’s so critical of black women (many have concluded that she’s simply jealous) Wendy says that’s not the case.

“I’ve heard that. But it’s not true,” she told Cosmopolitan. “Those people are saying the wrong thing—it’s what they would like to believe, you see. Because I’m up here, so the only place that I can go is down.”

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When asked why people would have concluded that she’s a black woman hater, she explained: “People love to throw stones at me, and I get it. It’s fun to make fun of me, because I put myself out there. I’m a large personality and I got the funny bone; I voice my opinion and then people get upset. But you tune in and watch every day, thank you!” she said.

“People have accused me of bleaching my skin; of getting a nose job. They squint at my mom like, I didn’t know Wendy was Asian. I am black all day, honey pie. I am black and very proud. I’m not going to do the no-makeup natural hair, whatever, beans, greens, lettuce, tomato, eh. But I’ve got more black in my pinky than most of the gangsters behind their keyboards,” she continued. “You come out of your house and you do a talk show, let me see how far you get with your attitude.”

When it comes to calling out folks, Wendy says it doesn’t matter the color, she will speak her mind when she has an issue with “dumb women.”

“I’m fun! Right now I’m not, sorry. But I hate dumb women,” she said. “And that goes for whatever color you are.”

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