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Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund Has Raised $20M, Received 1,000 Requests for Help

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Ava DuVernay of Time's Up
Ava DuVernay of Time’s Up

*Time’s Up campaign member and former chief of staff to Michelle Obama, Tina Tchen, has revealed that the movement has so far raised $20 million for its legal defense fund and received 1,000 requests for help.

Tchen made the announcement during a Time’s Up panel at the 2018 Makers Conference. Filmmaker Ava DuVernay moderated the panel of Time’s Up campaign members, which included actress Rashida Jones, showrunner Jill Soloway and Natalie Portman.

Jones explained that the cornerstone of the Time’s Up movement is intersectionality, which means addressing the way a person’s gender, race, socio-economic class, sexuality, and other characteristics can result in different forms of or circumstances surrounding the treatment they experience in the workplace.

“There is no change unless you bring everyone along who has been marginalized,” she said.

Tchen added that one of the main goals of Time’s Up is to furnish lower-income women experiencing inappropriate workplace treatment with lawyers. She said that the $20 million dollars was raised in one month from 20,000 donors from across the country. In the same month, the campaign received over 1,000 requests for help.

“We didn’t want to be a group of people who got in a room and talked about the change we wanted to see made, we wanted to be part of that change,” Shaw said. “And it was so important for us to come out in our very beginning with an action-oriented item.”

Watch the full panel discussion above. The panel begins around the 4:30 mark.

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