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Timbaland Sues Man for Illegally Living in His Miami Mansion – Evander Holyfield Hit w/ 2 Tax Liens

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*Timbaland has filed a lawsuit against a man who is illegally living in the Miami mansion he’s trying to sell. The music producer reportedly put the property on the market last month for $3.39 million.

According to reports, “he secured a buyer named William Zamora. Zamora was allowed to live in the home during escrow. However, the sale apparently fell through, which has resulted in Timbaland filing a lawsuit, claiming Zamora is staying in the home illegally,” per Timbaland has been attempting to sell the home since his recent divorce.

Zamora has countersued, claiming he can’t buy the home because there are liens on the property. Meanwhile, Timbaland says he can’t sell it if someone is already living in it. 

theJasmineBRAND also exclusively reports that Evander Holyfield has been hit with two tax liens-both are for unpaid state taxes in Georgia.

According to the celebrity news site, “the 1st lien accuses the 55-year-old retired boxing champ of refusing to pay unpaid tax debt for 2011. The total was originally $17,810 but over the years it grew with interest to $37,663.51.”

“The 2nd says that he owes back taxes for 2010 and 2012. The lien accuses him of originally owing only $18k for the 2 years but grew with interest to a total of $39,425.12 – broken down as $5,192.45 for 2012 and $34,232.67 for 2010.”

If Holyfield doesn’t pay, the Georgia Department of Revenue will begin the process of seizing his property and assets.

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