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Thousands Sign Petition for LeBron James as Trump’s Secretary of Education!

LeBron James

*No dear reader, the headline is not a joke. In the wake of the NBA/Lakers superstar, along with the Akron Public School District creating the “I Promise School” for 240 third-and fourth-graders, it seems there are folks out there that are seeing LeBron James in a whole different light.

Yep, these folks have been inspired so much that they have created a petition calling for current U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to be fired and replaced by King James. OK, stop laughing! ?

“LeBron James is an inspiration to kids all over the country,” the petition reads. “He’s shown he cares about America’s youth and understands the power of public education in helping children meet their true potential.”

Would you believe that as of 10am Wednesday (08-08-18), at least 4,240 people had signed the petition, according to Yahoo News.


lebron james (in Lakers uniform1)

Umm, er, duh. There are a couple of things that these folks need to made aware of that somehow they overlooked.

1. James plays basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers. He is also producing a number of films. He probably does not have the time on his hands to take on one of the more poignant jobs in education.
2. Because of number 1 he can’t take the job, but more importantly, he’d have to report to the orange a-hole in the White House and we know how they feel about each other.

There you go. Two solid reasons LeBron can’t/won’t even consider the wacky idea. But, unfortunately, that will not stop the petition. ☹

And what pray-tell does social media think about the idea. Check out a sampling …

astrosfan75: Funniest story of the day!

Foreclosure: He can start with Chicago.

Balzar Frozenoff: This should be in the Comics section

Claxton: I see yahoo is trying out comedy now…because they don’t do news

Stacy: I bet we could create a petition not to hire LJ and it would surpass the signatures

Jeff: Its great what he’s doing but its being shaped like he’s paid for all of this out of his own pocket. He’s paying about 20% of the cost with the taxpayers covering the rest. I’m not trying to minimize what he’s done, its amazing – it really is. I’m just saying the whole picture should be out there.

Trevor: All he did was use funds from his foundation to create a school that is now on the burden of the taxpayers in Ohio to manage. Approx $8m a year, and who gets all the credit, you guessed it, Lebron himself.

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