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‘The Real’: RonReaco Lee and the Co-Hosts Discuss the Most Influential People of the Year

the real - the real crew (11-28-18)

*On Wednesday, Nov. 28, the hosts of The Real reveal who they would like to see chosen as Time Magazine’s person of the year and why. They also discuss when they realized what race they were and how it impacted their lives.

Later, actor RonReaco Lee stops by to talk about his BET movie, Running out of Time and how currently working in New York City in the winter has been a chilling experience for him!

Jeannie’s Choice for Time’s Person of The Year Would be Michelle Obama

Loni and Adrienne Reflect On Their Different Economic and Cultural Upbringings

RonReaco Lee Is Filming In New York City And It Is Cold!

Loni and Adrienne Reflect On Their Different Economic and Cultural Upbringings

Loni Love: I always knew I was Black, I mean…

[The Real’s audience laughs and applauds]

Loni: I grew up in the projects. I always – my momma made sure, “Like, look, you Black,” she taught me, “You Black, I’m gonna press your hair ‘cause you Black.” But I didn’t have a problem with it. I didn’t – I didn’t – I knew I was Black. I didn’t know I was broke.

Adrienne Houghton: Oh, yeah.

Loni: That’s the difference. I thought – I grew up in the projects. I thought everybody, you know, went to bed hungry.

Adrienne: Lives like this.

Loni: Everybody goes to bed hungry. I thought nobody had a daddy. It wasn’t ‘til I watched television, Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous, it was like one of the first reality shows and it showed Joan Collins and she was on a yacht. And she had some champagne and she was eating something called “caviar.” And I’m like, ‘What the hell is this white woman doing? What is?’ And I realized that people lived differently. And then that’s when I really had a conversation with my mother, my mother said, “Yes, there are people that have different types of lifestyles, and we are just in a different type of lifestyle, but if you study and you work hard, you can get to that lifestyle.”

[The Real’s audience applauds]

Loni: And that’s what I learned from that, so…

Adrienne: That’s really great. I’m with you, I always knew I was Latina, the only difference is, I did recognize that at some point when you have a parent that doesn’t speak the same language, when you go to school, they pick you up from school, I became the translator, and at first, when I was younger because my dad does not speak English. So I would end up being like this after school: “Oh papi, ellos estan diciendo que yo necesito hacer esta cosawhatever it was, like my parent need – I would have to translate and sometimes that would be a little embarrassing when you’re younger – you get embarrassed for being different and it’s so dumb ‘cause I’m so grateful now that I’m bilingual and I celebrate being Latina on a whole other level, and I love it and it was always celebrated in my house. But when your dad can’t join Parent/Teacher conference…

Loni: Right.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Ohhh

Adrienne: You know? Like, that always made me feel weird. I’d have to sit there and be like, “This is what’s happening. This is the paper that has to get signed…”

Tamera: You know, I wish – I wish I knew another language. I love that you know…

Jeannie Mai: And I – yeah – and you open it up to us all the time and you teach us so much, I love it.


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