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The Most Trustworthy Players in the NBA


*Put simply, you could theoretically place NBA players into two camps: loose cannon or solid as a rock. Teams certainly need both, but it’s the latter that we’re more interested in today. There are, of course, loose cannons a-plenty in the National Basketball Association.

We’re talking the likes of Draymond Green (will yell at you in locker rooms), Chris Paul (bark is worse than his bite, but still kind of annoying), Kevin Durant (will take personal offence to every Instagram comment about him selling out) and not forgetting Kawhi Leonard (will simply disappear from your team for a couple of months).

All that said, we’re keen to focus on the everyday heroes and the teammates who just seem like the kind of people who won’t renege on a promise, will turn up to your birthday party on time, and will pay you back that 10 bucks they owe without you even having to ask for it.


LeBron James

He’s The King, after all, so what kind of person can’t trust their ruler? For one, the man brought a championship to Cleveland in 2016 just like he said he would, and somehow didn’t blow a gasket after J.R. Smith’s boneheaded blunder in the Game 1 of the 2018 Finals. Sure, he bolted from the Cavs for the sunny shores of L.A., but who could blame him for not wanting to play with that band of misfits? Plus, the guy will appear in Space Jam 2, built a school in his hometown of Akron for underprivileged kids and even stuck up for Steph Curry’s decision not to visit President Trump at the White House (a yearly tradition with other presidents) after the Warriors won the championship in 2017.

Klay Thompson

Not just rock solid from the 3-point line, Klay is a guy you can set your watch to. While other Warriors players are somewhat polarizing (Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry), Klay is universally loved and someone who just oozes chill. Thompson has no drama or diva tendencies, he’s just a guy who shoots well, plays hard, and then returns home to his beloved dog, Rocco. Furthermore, Klay was just announced as a brand ambassador for Swiss luxury watch company, Tissot, and we can’t imagine a better fit for them (he joins ex-Spurs legend Tony Parker and Hawks rookie Trae Young). If we’re talking about comparing Klay to a list of Swiss watches then he’s not as fancy as a Rolex or complex as a Patek Philippe, but simply a Tissot which looks good and gets the job done when he’s called upon.


Steven Adams

Other than the fact that he’s built like a house of bricks, Adams is just that guy you absolutely want on your side in any fight. Resemblances to Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo notwithstanding, Adams is a tough guy, a fierce competitor and a great ball player, but is well-known around the league for being an all-round good dude and a positive ball of energy. The fact that he hails from an awesome country like New Zealand only seals the deal as a trustworthy guy, but we’re still not sure why he already released an autobiography (My Life, My Fight) this year after only 5 seasons in the NBA…

Ricky Rubio

Any type of “pass first/shoot second” player will always feature high on any list of trustworthy players, which is just as well, because Rubio is definitely not known for his shooting skills. Still, Ricky is unbelievably nice, never picks a fight, and has one of the best man-bun and beard combos that the NBA has ever seen. Find us someone who could possibly dislike Rubio and we’ll send Steven Adams to sort things out.

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