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The Hutchinson Report: Maybe It’s Time to Forgive Omarosa

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John Kelly Pushing Out Omarosa

*Omarosa can no longer do anyone harm since she’s no longer in the White House. That was hardly the case when she was there. In fact, the problem was that she was there. She gave a veneer of quasi legitimate racial cover to an administration that is the most aggressively anti-Black administration in recent memory.

When she resigned, or was fired, whichever version of her summary departure one wants to believe, she gave a tiny hint that the Trump White House is every bit the supremely hostile enemy territory for African-Americans that’s been well-established.

She took a kind of, sort of backhand slap at her former boss by saying pretty much that there was some racial animus in the calculations and actions of Trump

Now, she’s doubled down, telling an interviewer that she would not under any circumstances vote for Trump if the election were today. Presumably that means that there’s also no way she’d lap up a position in his administration again. That’s not going to get her any apologetics, let alone applause, from many African-Americans. She’s still on blast from most Blacks with the storehouse of catcalls and pejoratives reserved for the parade of Blacks from Clarence Thomas to Ben Carson who spout the conservative line.

That doesn’t mean, though, that Omarosa doesn’t have a case for forgiveness. Start with she’s basically an entertainer, not a political operative. She cut her spurs with Trump on Apprentice, and he liked her and tooted her horn. This is celebrity, star gaggle stuff. So, when Trump bagged the Oval Office, it was a logical move for him to offer and her to accept a job with him there. It really never amounted to much since if one believes Trump’s Chief of Staff, the embattled John Kelly, and other Trump insiders she never had much of a role or even much access to him.

The few ventures out into the public policy world she made, for instance to the National Association of Black Journalist’s confab in 2017, was an unmitigated disaster. The rest of the time, say the insiders, she squabbled with White House staff over trying to get Trump to damp down the more virulent of his race baiting. On her departure, she pointedly said that there were things in the White House that made her “uncomfortable.” Her bosses’ unbridled bigotry was obviously that “thing.”

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