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Stevie J Decides to Rep Himself in Court – Diddy Denies Offering $1M to H&M Boy

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*Sean Combs, otherwise known as Diddy, wants you to know that he never offered the young boy in the H&M monkey ad a million dollars and he was also engaged once for 4 hours.


Logic says you that if you’re not a trained lawyer it would not be wise to represent yourself in court, but that’s not stopping music producer and “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Stevie J from doing just that.

Dude is going up against a federal judge’s $1.3 million child support restitution judgment against him. According to Bossip:

The former Bad Boy producer lodged an appeal of his Feb. 2017 sentence for dodging child support payments for two of his children, even though he pled guilty to one count of willfully failing to pay child support as part of a plea deal. And now he’s officially representing himself on the case. Last year, Judge Paul Crotty sentenced Stevie to $1.3 million in restitution and three years of probation.

The report also says:

Stevie blasted the ruling as unfair and his then lawyer said Stevie believed the restitution amount was excessive. Stevie filed paperwork to be his own lawyer after his former attorney told the judge that he wouldn’t represent Stevie any further because his appeal had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. The judge gave Stevie a deadline to find a new lawyer, but Stevie apparently decided to go it alone.

Additionally the Bossip report says the producer recently sent a handwritten letter to the court asking that his appeal docs be sent to his house in Georgia so that he can move forward with the court action.

“I never received one (an appeal packet) and I would certainly like to appeal,” Stevie wrote, according to court docs.


diddy (hat - shades - name change1b)

Meanwhile, folks are looking at Sean “Diddy” Combs because he supposedly said he would offer the child H&M model a huge contract with his brand. However, in a recent interview with the “Breakfast Club,” Diddy is denying that the $1 million offer to the youngster was ever made.

“That wasn’t real, why would I give a kid a million dollars for a picture? Ain’t that much modeling in the world, it didn’t happen.”

He also spoke on being engaged for 4 hours! The incident happened years ago while he was in Las Vegas. Apparently, his then girlfriend popped the question.

“I acted like it didn’t happen, I was definitely in the spirit, but the next day I treated her like ‘we had a great night last night,’ but I was just telling the story that it was a wild night that happened, I was in Vegas, I got proposed to and I said ‘yes’, we definitely had a ring, and she definitely put it on me, but it was like one of her rings that I guess I complimented her on, we was in a relationship, it was all in the spirit of fun, it was something real interesting that I did.”


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