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Ringside Update/Wilder vs Fury The Epilogue

*There’s probably quite a few of you out there who were expecting something different at the end of the night this past Saturday night after seeing these two big tall heavyweights battle for twelve rounds. And I’ve heard from a lot of people who’ve had differing opinions on who they thought actually won this contest. But to be totally honest with you after having been in and around this sport for nearly thirty years, and having been ringside for fights like Holmes vs Witherspoon, Duran vs Benitez, Dokes vs Weaver, Holmes vs Cooney, Tyson vs Holifield, Jones vs Tarver, ( I could go on and on folks)  and Bowe vs Holyfield just to name a few. I really don’t believe that this fight lived up to those great fights.

But with all that said, with everyone sitting on the edge of their seats throughout the bout this writer was really expecting a lot more hard hitting action to occur than what took place. As this one got going in the early portion of this event both fighters were seen measuring each other out with Fury sticking out the jab and dancing out of the way of Wilder’s powerful right hands. I was really impressed with the way he used his foot work and feinting, he put on an excellent display of boxing. And in some ways it seemed as if Wilder was hesitant to get in close to really land some good shots and when he did it looked like he was trying too hard to knockout Fury who would quickly get out of the way to avoid getting hit. This went on for several rounds up to the beginning of the ninth when I had Fury way ahead on points until Wilder finally connected with that powerful right hand to Fury’s head and dropped him. He then got back up and into the fight for the next three rounds until nearly the end of the twelveth when Wilder dropped him again this time with a more powerful shot that seemed like he wasn’t going get backup from. But low and behold, he found enough resilience to get backup and into the fight until the bell rang for the end of the bout.

But even that wasn’t enough to declare Wilder the clear winner of the fight which was ultimately ruled a split decision draw. So now there’s talk of the two of them coming back together for a rematch that’s if and when they can sit down and work out all the logistics to make that happen.

Nevertheless, it was a great promotional build up for this fight that this writer compares to Mayweather vs Mc Gregor another huge event that had an black American going against someone from the North Atlantic region of the world. And if there’s still people out there that seem to think that boxing is dead, then let me tell you all something it really isn’t and thank God all mighty Adonis Stevenson isn’t either after that grueling match in Quebec, Canada Saturday night in which we nearly lost him after getting knocked out in the eleventh against Oleksandr “The Nail”Govzdyk and losing his WBC light heavyweight title.

As of this posting Stevenson is now in a drug induced coma and his condition has improved from critical to stable. It is being reported that he has swelling of his brain so I’d like to encourage all of you boxing fans to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Unfortunately sometimes this is the price that’s paid in this sport because it is such a brutal one and has always been since the days thousands of years ago in the Roman Colosium when men would wrap their hands with leather spikes and go toe to toe until someone would die. No matter what you may think of him, lets pray that Adonis continues to live.

“When the tide goes out, that’s when you’ll find out who’s been swimming naked”-Warren Buffett

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