Friday, May 24, 2024

Rev. Jasper Williams, Jr.: ‘Slaves Without Chains’ (EUR Flashback – WATCH)

*During a recent West Coast revival preaching appearance, the Reverend Dr. Jasper Williams, Jr, senior pastor of the Salem Bible Church, Atlanta Georgia, spoke exclusively with about his preaching legacy, the role of the Black church and his most controversial sermon to date, “Slaves Without Chains.”

“Slaves Without Chains is a sermon that came to me that we are still slaves even though we have come through the confines of slavery, share cropping,Jim Crow and segregation. There are no handcuffs on our hands, there are no shackles on our feet, but we as a people are still enslaved in our mind. Slaves Without Chains is geared around how we are slaves economically. Black people killing Black people. How is it that we are slaves and not taking advantage of the capitalistic system. There are so many ills that we have as a people, any one of them you want to pick out we fall into that category.

We as African Americans have a 1.1 trillion dollar buying power and it is projected by 2018 we will have a buying power of 1.8 trillion dollars of which only two pennies per dollar comes back to the black community and comes back to Black business. Those are the kinds of things I’m saying it istime to change.”

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