Saturday, May 18, 2024

Raven-Symoné on Her Controversial Race Comment: ‘I Didn’t Say I Wasn’t Black.’ (WATCH)

*Raven-Symoné joined AM to DM by BuzzFeed News to discuss her view on race and ethnicity and to clarify some of the controversial comments she made on “The View.”

Watch the full interview above and check the highlights below:

Controversial comments on “The View”:
“What I learned from The View is everybody has a different way of thinking. Everybody has an opinion. My mama said, ‘It’s like bootyholes. Everybody’s got one.’ So here’s the deal, things that I said, they call me the living room conservation girl. I probably should have worded it differently. But I have to say this — I learned what I’m good at and I learned what I’m not good at. I learned my lesson. I moved forward. And when I’m asked a question on a sensitive matter, I try not to go right to racism. I try not to go to the pain and suffering. I’m trying to live in my now and that can be difficult…I’m so used to living in the ‘how am I going to change the now?’ It was a challenging moment in my career.”

Views on race and ethnicity:
“I didn’t say I wasn’t black. I’m black. My passport says American. Trust me, I know I’m black. There’s just a difference. There are many African-Americans, especially in 2018, that come over from Africa…that’s how I look at that title. There are a lot of black Americans here who have been here longer than the Americans that are a different color.”

Queer representation in media:
“I think things have changed for the better. I think there’s still progress to be made. I think there are amazing ways to get content through…We just have to continue to make positive images of the LGBTQ community so that we are continuously thread within society. That’s why I love Disney Channel because yes, we are for children, but we are also recognizing what’s going on at this time.”

Making a comeback to music on “Raven’s Home” musical episode:
“It felt amazing to be in the studio singing my heart out…It’s good to be able to make pop music, R&B, funk and then a little bit of K-Pop to entertainment the masses…I love rapping. I love performing. Maybe it’ll come back.”

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