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Pierre Alex Jeanty is the ‘Love Expert’ Who Hates That Title! [EUR Exclusive]

Pierre Alex Jeanty
‘Him’ author, Pierre Alex Jeanty at LA’s Grand Central Market

*EURweb‘s  Lee Bailey recently caught up with author and love expert, Pierre Alex Jeanty to dish about his latest book “HIM” and how his work is changing the way people view love and dating.

What started out as a hobby has helped Pierre find his passion as a writer, and within the last three years, he has penned 8 books focused on helping both men and women who still believe in love. His self-published works, under his company Jeanius Publishing, has caught the eyes of organizations such as the NFL’s Miami Dolphins and garnered celebrity support from Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams, gospel singer Kierra Sheard, singer Denyque, TV personalities Rocsi Diaz, Brooke Bailey, Laura Govan and Javi Marroquin, and more.

Jeanty’s latest release “HIM” is available at Barnes & Noble and Target locations across the U.S. in both digital and print, and internationally in countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Touted as a “Love Expert,” Pierre tells us why he hates that title. Check out our conversation below.


Pierre Alex Jeanty
Author of ‘Him,’ Pierre Alex Jeanty, spoke with EURweb’s Lee Bailey over lunch at Downtown LA’s Grand Central Market.

You’re considered an expert on love… but you’re not fond of that title.

Pierre: That’s what they categorize me as. I just think I’m someone who loves discussing relationships and love and a lot of the advice that I’ve given has helped people. So, therefore, they consider me an expert but I don’t think you can ever really be an expert. You’re talking about human emotions and relationships. We all have difficulties in our own relationships and love stories so I’m not the expert but I talk about love.

Everybody deals with love and very few people know how to successfully navigate love. Do we really even know what love is?

Pierre: There’s different stages and aspects of love and when it comes to love, I think there’s different expectations, especially in relationships. People may expect an unconditional love that another person may not be able to give them. The reason I’m considered an expert is because the relationship advice that I give is coming, a lot of the times, from my personal relationship. I have a healthy marriage. A lot of this I’m pulling from my experiences. I write from a perspective that’s relatable. I do not polish up the good and say these are the expectations of love and this is what happens and this is what it should be. I talk about me being broken-hearted. Me being a player. Me learning how to love a woman and love myself. I talk about all these things that people pull from, depending on what stage they are in life. I speak from an honest perspective about relationships and that’s why a lot of people have put the title “Love Expert” on me.

How did your journey as an author of “love” begin?

Pierre: It began about four years ago.  I’ve always wanted to share my thoughts with others and social media opened that platform for me where I would share a lot of my relationship insight or experiences and from there I’ve accumulated a large following. The whole idea was to inspire better men because I was growing as a man myself. And once I started doing that, a lot of people asked, “Why don’t you write a book? Give us more insight.” I wanted to write a book that was different. I wanted to go into the whole conversation of real things that men deal with like not knowing how to be emotional enough, vulnerable enough and being open and different fears in relations and insecurities that men don’t recognize. So me talking about my journey and how those things affected me, I went on and published a book and a lot of people loved the insight, which opened the door for me to add more books. 

Pierre Alex Jeanty - book covers

And you’ve since published 8 books in four years?!

Pierre: Yes. I write a lot. I have 8 books out and four more being written. One of the things I do is cater to my audience. I’m always looking for how to inspire them and how to motivate them. Some of (the books) are small. That’s why I consider them quotes and modern poetry. My “HER” and HIM books are small thoughts for you to marinate or apply or reflect, whatever it may be. My first book, a lot of women read it and were like “I kinda got an insight of what it feels like to be a man like you in a relationship,” and from there the question was: “Well, what about us?” We want books from a woman’s perspective.” And I said I’ve never been a woman but I can write a book about what I’ve learned from women. There are many things that I’ve learned from my failed relationships. So the book, “To the Women I Once Loved,” it was a poetry book and from there on they kept asking for more, which led down the path of me writing 8 books. A lot of novelists have said that they create a bunch of stories and keep writing different versions of the book because the reader reads it and they wants more. They’re ferocious readers and I think that’s kind of the audience that I have. So I’m always trying to offer them more. I’m always looking to see how I can help people. Whether it’s with a relationship or inspirational. That’s why I need to write as much.

Where do you see this going? What’s your vision of the future as a published author?

Pierre: Years from now I wanna establish my publishing company more. We want to do more speaking engagements, me and my wife are doing a podcast right now and just expanding as an author. Later on, I want to teach people about what I know. We try to help any writer out there who’s looking to get a book out. I’m successful as an author and I’m doing to help others because I know how hard it was for me. That’s one of the things that’s interesting about our publishing company We want the author to market but we don’t leave the burden of marketing on them. A lot of publishers forget the authors and they expect the authors to learn the publishing and make it out there and most can’t. So as a publishing company, we decided we want to be different and we take that as the main thing that we focus on.

Tells us about the podcast that you and your wife host a together.

Pierre: My wife is a spoken word artist and a stay at home mom, but this year is the first year where she wants to get her book out there and help young women. She’s now focusing on her dream and me as a husband, I’m making sure I prep her enough and open a door where she can become successful. We communicate a lot about our relationship and what needs to change and how to grow better so we’re bringing the conversation to our audience. I can tell you all this about how good of a man I am but my wife is the person that can tell you that better. So together we’re doing a podcast so people can see both sides.

I’m a devoted Christian and one of the things that I was being careful with was finding someone who had the same vision, beliefs and is on the same page as I am. And I went to a church conference in Tulsa and I saw my wife and saw her worshipping and something pulled me towards her. After the conference, we talked and aired all our dirty laundry and built a friendship first and from there we built a relationship. I had a relationship that ended and I took my time to heal and evaluate and was not going to settle until I found someone who believes in God the way I believe in God and sees love in the same perspective. My wife fits the description of what I’m looking for.

One of the things I do is, I live what I preach. You gotta walk the talk. I am not an expert. I just try to share my heart and help people navigate through different relationships and make healthy decisions.

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