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Peabo Bryson Stands For Love with New Album

peabo bryson - stand for love - album cover
‘Stand For Love’ is due to be released August 3rd of this year on Capitol Records.

*Peabo Bryson is known for having the answer to making women happy and in a positive mood.   He doesn’t have any qualms about expressing his opinions on the matter. With a smile, he states the facts and remains humble.  His research and findings are proven at his concerts.

Ask a woman you know about the songs of Peabo Bryson and she would have recollections and probably some memories that she won’t share.  You will have to garner the full story from that silent smile followed by the singing of a lyric.

Younger music lovers might not recognize his face but if you play the Aladdin theme song they sing along.  Peabo was among one of their favorites and they just didn’t know it. He won two Grammys for his work with Disney.  He also sang the theme song to ‘One Life to Live.’

Now, Bryson takes the stage again with a new album ‘Stand for Love’ due out August 3, 2018.

Bryson hopes to be able to do what other artists of his generation dream about..making a comeback.  But not just any comeback, many artists can claim to have made one or more of those.. but a comeback that is supported by a major label and enhanced by the high-quality producers like Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

It’s nostalgic, seeing Bryson back in the studio performing to new music and utilizing his awesome voice.  The tones he hits brings the listener back to a simpler time of music that was wholesome and pure.

A time when lyrics were more important than the track and being clean and well dressed was the norm.  The idea was that the music created was so good that the clothing will come off later. Contemporary artist push the concept of beginning undressed, but does their music cause clothing to come back on?  

What are the romantic songs being made and played today?  Name a few…I’ll wait…

Lyrics like the ones Bryson sings can set the mood for any engagement and is one of the main reasons that he is still relevant today.  Peabo makes women feel secure, empowered, needed and special.

“Can you make me current without destroying what I took a lifetime to create?” Said Bryson rhetorically re-asking the question that he asked himself when he first considered the collaboration between Jam and Lewis for his new album.

Peabo Bryson is the 1st artist on Perspective Records in 20 years.  He shares the label with such greats as Sounds of Blackness, Mint Condition, and hopes the wisdom, experience and production expertise of Jam and Lewis will take him to the top of the charts.

James Samuel “Jimmy Jam” Harris III (born June 6, 1959) and Terry Steven Lewis (born November 24, 1956) also known as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced Bryson’s latest album.

Originally launched in 1991, Perspective records acted as the funnel for most of A&M Records urban music.  It has yet to be seen if it will continue in that pattern or become something new.

According to Bryson, there is a void in the music being made today.   Bryson says missing from music is the romance, courtship, and chivalry.  Bryson intends to bring back that romance with his twenty-second studio album, “Stand for Love.”

“Peabo’s biggest hits happened at Capitol Records,” said Jimmy Jam, “and it has come full circle with him back in the building.”

‘Stand For Love’ is due to be released August 3rd of this year on Capitol Records.

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