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Paula Patton Gushes Over her New Man: ‘It’s Kind of a Suburban Romance’

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Source: Paras Griffin/Getty Images North America
Actress Paula Patton attends “Traffik” Atlanta VIP Screening at Regal Atlantic Station on April 16, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.

*Paula Patton is reportedly dating a single dad that she met through her son, Julian Fuego.

While promoting her new film “Traffik,” the 42-year-old actress giddily told Extra’s Tanika Ray, “I have a boyfriend now. I do. I haven’t called anybody a boyfriend. He’s y boyfriend!”

She wouldn’t reveal the mystery man’s identity, but did explain how they met each other through their children.

“If you have a kid and you have a basketball game, look at the daddies… It’s kind of a suburban romance. He’s got kids, I got a kid. It’s one of those!” Patton explained.

Although the two have only been dating for a month, Patton says she already loves him. “When you know, you know.”

In the same interview, the actress also talked about co-parenting son Julian Fuego with ex-husband Robin Thicke following their bitter and contentious custody battle. Patton said the key to keeping things peaceful is forgiveness. She admitted that she would not be doing her child any service by holding onto hurt feelings from the past. Instead, it is important to bring as much peace and harmony to his son’s life.

Patton and Thicke worked out their custody arrangement around the same time the singer’s girlfriend, April Love Geary, announced her pregnancy. A source said the exes made their son a priority and figured out plans to get along for his sake.

Patton’s new film “Traffik” opens in theaters on April 20.

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