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Black Single Mothers are Responsible for Gun Violence in Black Communities (Opinion)

*I’m sure many of you have already jumped to conclusions after reading the title of this story. But let me assure you – this isn’t a hit piece on black women.

It’s an honest assessment of the consequences that occur when black women procreate with substandard men.

By “substandard,” I’m referring to the Pookie’s and Ray Ray’s of the ghetto who prey upon young African American sisters with low self-esteem and even lower self-worth – normally due to the absence of a father throughout their adolescence.

These men typically lack employment, good sense, respect for women, themselves, and the law, and more often than not, they’re well acquainted with the criminal justice system.

When dysfunctional men and women produce children and expose them to a toxic home environment – normally void of a healthy parental unit – the result is hardly ever positive.

In fact, as we see nearly every weekend in cities like Chicago, New Orleans, Baltimore, and Detroit, the offspring that dysfunctional black men and women produce grow into reckless, violent, lawless individuals who make safety a luxury in their own neighborhoods.

So what exactly am I saying and why does the title of this story zero in on single black mothers?

It’s simple – there’s only one solution to cure gun violence in the black community.

It’s not education, reparations, a stronger police presence, or more gun restriction.

The answer is for black women to make smarter choices in regard to whom they have babies with.

That’s right – as long as sisters continue to entertain the company of dysfunctional men, our communities will always be flooded with pistol-packing buffoons and lawbreakers.

There’s ample evidence that proves the black community is headed for permanent ruin.

Certain “intellectuals” have asserted that black men are chiefly responsible for the formidable damage inflicted on their families and communities.

But I beg to differ. This isn’t a matter of black men failing to protect and provide for the village.

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Gun violence and other symptoms of dysfunction within the black community are consequences of the foolish choices that sisters often make when choosing a partner.

They consciously mate with thugs and deadbeats, which often results in the creation of children who grow up without fathers, proper guidance, or a sense of human decency.

The young black male of today is wreaking havoc on his community because he lacks good sense and “manhood training.” These essential tools cannot be provided by their mothers, primarily because black women often grow up without fathers themselves.

It’s a vicious and disastrous cycle that can only be stopped when sisters choose GOOD MEN – not Pookie and Ray Ray.

But this day may never come.

I’m convinced that black women gravitate to melodrama and dysfunction because they lack the emotional capacity to cultivate healthy relationships.

They’d rather suffer with a deadbeat who’s good in bed and will enable their craving for dysfunction.

Meanwhile, the educated and hard-working brothers are left in the cold until they find companionship with Becky or Esmeralda.

That’s why it amuses me when I hear black women pat themselves on the back for raising children alone – as if they’re doing a good job.

Granted, the burden of motherhood should never be underestimated or undervalued.

However, while our neighborhoods buckle under the weight of senseless violence and irreconcilable chaos, I’m reminded of the horrific performance that sisters have given as stewards of children (especially black boys).

That’s right – there’s not a genuine sense of pride or responsibility among single black mothers in the ghetto.

They give birth and treat their offspring like accessories, flaunting pictures of these innocent babies on Facebook to garner attention from their low-life homegirls.

They’re not building responsible young men and respectable women, they’re collecting government checks and frying pork bacon in their section 8 apartments.

These hoodrats aren’t equipped to be mothers – they’re parasites giving birth to more parasites. They’re infecting our community with demon spawn.

While young black men continue to slaughter each other for sport, we should ask ourselves this question: Who’s raising these boys?

Are they solely responsible for the mayhem they’re causing?

It’s an old saying – but guns don’t shoot themselves, and quite often, the shooter is young, black and being raised by a single mother.

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A side note:

My mother raised two Black boys on her own for years until she finally remarried. It wasn’t an easy task – summoning the energy to work full time and perform the duties of a single parent.

But with dignity and pride she played the role of both mother and father in a home that she managed as best she could – and I’m eternally grateful.

At 19, she gave birth to me and made sacrifices to ensure that I never wanted for clothes, food or shelter. And when my father walked away a second time after my brother was born, my mother worked even harder to give us a wonderful childhood.

When my parents met, I’m sure my mother – a hopeless romantic – thought they would never part. She loved my father unconditionally, and she gave him two African American sons.

It didn’t occur to her when they were together and in love that she would eventually have to bear the burden of raising children alone.

But like so many other black women, she was abandoned by a man who stole her heart and her innocence.

I admire black women like my mother who despite their circumstances find a way to provide and protect their children.

It’s a noble and commendable achievement for a black woman to mold and shape her offspring – especially her boys- into respectable adults.

Unfortunately, in today’s climate, it appears women like my mother are the exception, not the rule.

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Cory A. Haywood

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