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Ohio Bank Calls Cops on Black Man Because His $1000 Paycheck Was Too High

Huntington Bank

*A Black Ohio man was handcuffed and forced into a police car after bank tellers assumed he was attempting to cash a fraudulent paycheck and called 911 on him.

Paul McCowns says he tried to cash his first paycheck from a new job with an electric company Dec. 1 at Huntington Bank in the Cleveland suburb of Brooklyn. As reported by WOIO-TV, the check was for a little more than $1,000 and McCowns says after he showed two forms of identification and a fingerprint, as required for non-bank customers, employees became suspicious.

“They tried to call my employer numerous times,” McCowns said. “He never picked up the phone.”

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When the young man left the bank, he was unaware that a teller had called 911 and a police car rolled up on him before he could drive away.

“He’s trying to cash a check and the check is fraudulent. It does not match our records,” a teller told the dispatcher, according to call records.

Officers handcuffed him and placed him in the back of a police cruiser while they contacted the man’s employer. McCowns avoided arrest when they were able to verify his employment and wages earned for the three weeks he had worked thus far.

“My employer said, ‘Yes, he works for me, he just started and, yes, my payroll company does pay him that much,’” he said.

McCowns was able to cash the check the following day at another Huntington location.

A bank representative told WOIO that the branch had experienced nearly a dozen cases of fraud in recent months, so tellers were taking extra precautions.

“We sincerely apologize to Mr. McCowns for this extremely unfortunate event,” the bank said in a statement. “We accept responsibility for contacting the police as well as our own interactions with Mr. McCowns. Anyone who walks into a Huntington branch should feel welcomed. Regrettably, that did not occur in this instance and we are very sorry.”

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