Friday, June 21, 2024

Nitwit Brings Live Snake into Waffle House! – Chaos Ensues [WATCH it Go Down]

man with snake in waffle house - woman running
*Lord have mercy! What da hell was this fool thinking? He brought live snake into a Waffle House! And when the police came, he tried to act like it’s no big deal. Like his rights were being denied or something. In fact, he got downright indignant … or should we say, “IGNANT?!”

It went down at in Mississippi last Saturday (09-15-18), but we’re just now getting wind of it. The crazy azz situation was caught on video at the 24-hour chain in McComb, and was shared on social media where it has since gone viral.


In the video, which was uploaded to Facebook, a security guard and a police officer are seen confronting the man who is wearing the snake around his neck. A verbal altercation then breaks out between the men, and as the situation escalates, one of the officers pulls his gun out. At that point the man take the snake from around his neck and positions himself as if he’s going to take on the cop with the snake. We know how that would have ended. Meanwhile, when that happened, several of the other patrons get the hell out of harms way the scene when they see the weapon.

The argument continues for the majority of the two-minute video until the customer is eventually escorted out of the restaurant. We can only assume that the knucklehead with the snake didn’t get shot was because the cop was black, too.

On the other hand, it’s not clear if any charges were filed against the snake man. If not, they should be.

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