Saturday, May 18, 2024

Mo’Nique Posts Entire Email Exchange with Will Packer to Counter Jawn Murray’s Account

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Mo'Nique (Instagram)
Mo’Nique (Instagram)

*“I know yall are saying, ‘What is Mo’Nique talking about now?’” begins the actress in her latest video address to her fans, stemming from her original call for a Netflix boycott over unequal pay.

After Jawn Murray produced an email from film producer Will Packer complaining about the demands of Mo’Nique and her husband’ger Sidney Hicks on the set of “Almost Christmas,” the actress has clapped back with an extended version of the email in question.

In a new video posted to Instagram, Mo’Nique shares the entire exchange between Packer and Hicks in a nine-swipe Instagram story. She said her intent is to show “how a producer tried to bully, intimidate and ruin someone’s character. We want you to take a look at it for yourself. So please be brave enough to swipe left and read those chain of emails.”

Swipe below:

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