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Mark Cuban’s ‘Shark Tank’ Partner Defends Him Against Sexual Misconduct Allegations [Video]

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*Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is under fire following a Sports Illustrated exposé alleging rampant sexual misconduct in the team’s Dallas office.

Cuban has said the allegations were “abhorrent,” and one of his “Shark Tank” business partners has come to his defense.

TMZ caught up with Raven Thomas, who got Mark to invest in her gourmet food business — The Painted Pretzel — during a 2012 episode of “Shark Tank.”

Thomas had nothing but positive things to say about her 6-year work relationship with Cuban. In fact, she says she was “shocked” by the allegations that the Mavs’ front office was a nightmare for women.

“I would be surprised, shocked if he had any knowledge of this and didn’t do anything about it.”

Scroll down to watch the clip and hear what she has to say about the issue.

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Thomas claims she’s also spoken with other people who work with Mark and has not heard anything negative about their experiences. 

“I have not heard one other entrepreneur say they’ve had a problem with [Mark] at all.”

The Sports Illustrated bombshell dropped Tuesday night and describes the Dallas Mavericks organization as a “Real Life Animal House.” 

While there are no direct accusations against Cuban in the lengthy article, it’s his organization that he micromanaged that is under fire for “a culture of sexual harassment” and inappropriate conduct in the workplace, per

Terdema Ussery

Much of the article focuses on former team president Terdema Ussery (pictured above). He left three years ago but now it’s up to Cuban to convince the world that he knew nothing of what was going on in his own building.

The NBA issued a statement late Tuesday night, condemning the club and saying the league would closely monitor an independent investigation into their practices. 

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