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Malcolm Lee Joins Raqiyah Mays on Real Black News to Chat Up ‘Night School’

real black news - malcolm d lee

*New York, NY  – Episode 13 of Real Black News features the top 5 black news stories of the week with special guests including Malcolm D. Lee, writer & director of the upcoming film Night School starring Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish.

Lee discusses his past movies, Girls Trip, being black in Hollywood, and his thoughts on everything from police brutality and the murder of Botham Jean to voting and the struggles of comedy.

“Comedy is hard, and sometimes it’s not as satisfying cutting to the joke all the time. I love comedy. I’m getting my footing in it. And since Girls Trip there hasn’t been a comedy in the marketplace that has really worked,” he says in a conversation with Raqiyah Mays. “So, it’s not as lucrative for studios because they haven’t really “worked” in a while. I’m hoping it’s not dead when we’ve got two of the funniest people on the planet in the same movie in Night School.”

Other Episode 13 guests include the family of Everett Palmer, a black man whose organs went missing after being killed in Pennsylvania police custody. While Gabrielle Glore, Festival Director and Head Programmer of the Urbanworld Film Festival, joins “The Black Hollywood Report” with guest reporter Wilson Morales Editor in Chief of who gives a review on standout movies of the Toronto International Film Festival.

1. Intro: Shabaam Sahdeeq, “Real Black News”
2. Malcolm Lee on movie #10 and other genres he’d like to tackle (5:00)
3. Malcolm Lee on Kevin Hart & Tiffany Haddish (10:08)
4. Malcolm Lee on his original intentions with The Best Man & the rules of screenplay writing (12:05)
5. Malcolm on writing about the black experience and the deficit of black writers (15:20)
6. Malcolm on Kenya Barris and working with white people (19:09)
7. Malcolm on working with studios (24:40)
8. Malcolm on his cousin Spike Lee (26.22)
9. Malcolm on his family & upbringing (28:26)
10. Malcolm on his next projects & Viola Davis (30:11)
11. Ferguson activists protest & shut down Deray Mckesson’s book launch (35:03)
12. The police brutality case of Botham Jean (39:48)
13. Malcolm Lee on gaslighting & racism (40:43)
14. “The Black Hollywood Report” with guest reporter Wilson Morales of (Toronto Film Festival & Cynthia Erivo) (44:25)
15. Special Guest: Gabrielle Glore, Festival Director & Head of Programming, Urbanworld Film Festival (58:10)
16. Shirley Chisolm & her national park in Brooklyn (1:04:50)
17. Malcolm Lee on voting (1:05:47)
18. The curious case of Everett Palmer who died in police custody and his organs went missing (1:08:26)
19. Malcolm discusses the Night School promo tour

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