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K. Michelle Speaks on Idris Elba’s Head Game and R. Kelly’s Manipulation [VIDEO]

*K. Michelle is not one for mincing words on holding back her truth, which is why she’s once again opening up about her past relationships.

The #LHHATL alum turned “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star recently sat down with Hollywood Unlocked to dish about her former love life, plastic surgery, and returning to reality TV.

Things got especially juicy when she spoke on her 8-month relationship with Idris Elba.

As previously reported, the singer and the actor had a secret fling back in 2014.

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On meeting Idris Elba:

“I was at Soul Train [Awards] and I hear this accent say, “K. Michelle you’re beautiful.’ I told him to his face, ‘Your jeans too tight and your accent funny.’ He did the sweetest thing ever, he dedicated to me “never trust a big butt and a smile.” I didn’t give him my number, my bodyguard did. He text me and said ‘I’m going to this party’ and I said ‘I’m going too.’ So I went to this party with Wale but me and Wale are like brother and sister. He [Idris] said “ouch but not out” because he thought I was with Wale. [Then] he went out to L.A. and I went to L.A. and that was just history.”

On Idris telling her he’d never commit—but getting engaged to Sabrina Dhowre:

“We didn’t hide though, I wanted him to know that I wasn’t trying to pull anything. He took the baby mama [Naiyana Garth] to the carpet, and I was tweeting little stuff and they’re trying to calm me down.

I didn’t know that that woman was pregnant and around him in the U.K. He was so charming, it was like a movie. He told me he would never be committed to one woman and he said, I would be “taken care of ” but ‘I would never be committed to one woman.’”

Now I’m like, “Damn b*** [Sabrina] you had something I didn’t have!” [but] that wasn’t supposed to be my man. I learned the most from him, it wasn’t a volatile, angry relationship.”

On Idris’ sex game:

“No [it’s not wack]—like amazing head! I remember that head.”

K also told Hollywood Unlocked that her “mentor” R. Kelly rescued her by signing her and she’s “unsurprised” by the sex cult allegations against him.

“I think we had a love of music. He taught me about writing, every day he’d make a new drink called “sex on the beach”, “sex on the counter.” […] We write just alike, I learned that.

He offered to take care of my medical bills. I do have a voice for women and I remember when nobody believed me and I know what I know. I be looking at them girls and I be feeling so bad. He’s very controlling. When I left the house he’d say, “you’re crazy, nobody’s going to be with you. Nobody’s going to understand all this.” It started to affect me.”

As noted by Bossip, K. also said that Chad Ochocinco has the biggest peen she’s ever seen and LeSean McCoy confessed to having a wack sex game.

[He told me] that his biggest flaw was that “he c**s quick. I found out that he was just with Porsha [Williams] two days prior, I got on that plane and never talked to him again.”

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