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Joy Reid Denies Defaming Trump Supporter, Wants Lawsuit Tossed

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* MSNBC host Joy Reid wants a defamation lawsuit against her tossed and for the plaintiff, Roslyn La Liberte, ordered to pay her attorney’s bill.

As we previously reported, Reid’s defamation case with a Donald Trump supporter is intensifying and Entertainment litigator Lincoln Bandlow she will lose the case on summary judgment.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, La Liberte claims Reid used “her substantial social media presence, fame, and reputation as a hard-hitting journalist” to publish “fake news” to her followers that La Liberte “screamed abhorrent racial slurs” at a 14-year-old boy.

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Back in late June, activist Alan Vargas tweeted a photo of La Liberte in a “Make America Great Again” hat seemingly yelling at a high school student during a City Council meeting in Simi Valley, California. She was among a crowd that was said to have called the teen a “dirty Mexican” and told him “You are going to be the first deported,” Vargas’ tweet claimed. He wrote in the post, “Spread this far and wide.”

Reid retweeted the message to her 1.2  million followers and La Liberte responded by hitting her with a defamation lawsuit. The woman believes Reid’s comments “were also born out of her personal animus and dislike of President Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and supporters of each, including those wearing MAGA hats.”

As a result of Reid’s statements, La Liberte claims she received “hundreds if not thousands of hate messages” and death threats.

Reid tweeted an apology to La Liberte and the teenager, saying, “It appears I got this wrong.” But that didn’t stop the woman from filing a lawsuit Sept. 25 against Reid for defamation and requesting punitive damages.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Reid is seeking to have the suit thrown out of court and for La Liberte to pay her attorney’s bill.

Reid says Vargas’ tweeted a photo that went viral and was reposted by numerous celebrities and journalists. La Liberte was identified by many people retweeting the story and Reid noted that she never once referred to La Liberte by name.

The woman has decided not to sue any other journalist or celebrity and Reid believes La Liberte will attempt to argue that she was the one who accused her of making the racist comments, but the original tweet from Vargas was the source.

Reid wants the entire case dismissed.  

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