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Invest in the Right Size Mattress for Your Best Rest


*Good sleep isn’t always easy to achieve. Tight schedules, never-ending to-do lists, and stress and anxiety all make proper rest more of a luxury than a necessity. Sleep, however, is crucial for performing well in all aspects of life, from work to relationships, and that can’t be emphasized enough.

It starts with prioritizing sleep. Scale back on obligations. Make room for downtime. Change nightly eating and drinking habits — and invest in a sleep-friendly environment. Your bedroom should serve as your sanctuary designed to support restfulness and relaxation, starting with a quality mattress and bed. Among the many factors to consider, you’ll need to determine the right size, especially if you share the bed with a partner, pet or kiddo. The guide below can help ensure you invest in the right-size mattress, so you can slumber like a pro.

Solo Sleepers & Cuddling Couples

A full-size bed provides just enough space for an adult (who’s particularly under 5 feet 5 inches) to sleep comfortably and couples who like to spend the night intertwined. Parents are also choosing a full bed over the traditional twin bed for younger children. The extra room is more accommodating for parents and children to read together or snuggle during tuck-in time. Need more leg room? The Full XL measures 54 by 80 inches, which offers 6 inches of additional space for those who are taller or tend to scoot down while sleeping.

Bonus for couples: Research shows that cuddling fosters a deeper, long-lasting connection and tighter bond, relieving stress with comfort. Creating that safe space together while sleeping, wrapped up in one another, helps strengthen and flourish the relationship.

Optional Personal Space

The queen — the most common size of bed — measures 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than its full-size counterpart with 60 inches of horizontal sleeping space total. This option is ideal if you and your partner like to cozy up together, separate into personal spaces or still connect in some way like touching toes while maintaining a little distance. Each person can reposition without disturbing the other.

Bonus for singles: Solo sleepers who are sprawlers can benefit from a standard queen size and have the freedom to really find that sweet spot.

Four-Legged Companions

For couples who like to sleep with a pet, but don’t want to upgrade to a king, an olympic queen is a great compromise. An olympic queen size lengthens the bed with an additional 6 inches. Taller individuals will find this size most comfortable, as well as couples with pets that like to snuggle at the foot of the bed.

Bonus for pets with privileges: If your pup likes to spoon right in the middle, you’ll find more comfort with a California queen that opens in width, not length, with an extra 4 inches. This may just offer enough room for a party of three, depending on your size of dog.

Royal-Sized Surface

The standard king-sized bed is a luxury. It demands sufficient space in the bedroom, makes an aesthetic statement and provides 76 inches from side to side. (This is the equivalent to about two twin beds pushed together.) A king size is most beneficial for not only couples who prefer personal sleeping domains, but individuals who are pregnant, need additional room for pain relief aids or enjoy the bed for activities other than sleeping in any position.

Bonus for families: Sleepers in a California king gain 4 inches in length (while losing 4 inches in width), but the extension is perfect for families who like to all pile in together and find their nook with room to move.

Finding the best mattress for you may take some trial and error. Shopping online is an easy way to compare your options, various features and different price points. Many companies offer a generous return policy, so you can test out some ZZZs to see if it’s a great fit before making the commitment.

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